Top 5 Logo Design Trends of 2023

Top 5 Logo Design Trends of 2023

The year 2023 promises to be a very interesting year in terms of new ideas and “getting back to normal after the pandemic”. This all applies to logo design as well. New trends combine both futuristic elements and science fiction, as well as sweet nostalgic motifs, with inscriptions in the script and touching pictures. In this article we’ll describe five main trends of logo design, relevant in 2023, and maybe we’ll help you decide on the perfect logo for you.


Let’s start with a simple one. What could be simpler than a sans serif font? It’s minimalist inscriptions with simple letterforms, “without frills,” associated with progressiveness and relevance. Also, it is worth noting that lowercase inscriptions are trending as never before, because they look more friendly and evoke loyalty from customers.Today, the simpler the logo design is — the more effective, and don’t be afraid to get out of trend in the nearest future, as the minimalistic approach will stay with us for years.


Gradients in Logo Design Trends of 2023

Speaking about the color – there are a lot of new things, because if before the logo was dominated by bright and even aggressive shades, today the choice of young companies – in favor of gentle pastels and gradients. Also there are also more saturated colors, however, also with gradients, as, for example, in the cryptocurrency Solana. Such color schemes are usually very pleasing to the visual perception, and give depth, allowing the viewer to use his imagination.

Minimalistic geometry

Geometry is always topical, but minimalistic and laconic logos, such as ROBLOX’s, are trending today. Clean lines and stability – these elements have always evoked confidence in potential clients, as well as have always been associated with the technological nature of the Brand and its focus on the quality of goods or services. In 2023, geometry can be combined with gentle tones and interesting fonts. And if we go back to the ROBLOX logo, we will see another very relevant trend – the replacement of letters with geometric shapes.

Retro mood

As far as graphics and ornaments are concerned, retro images, such nostalgic shots from the past, are in fashion today. Funny pictures, made with the same tone, script inscriptions, like on the legendary logo of The Rolling Stone, and clear, saturated colors, also inherent to the vintage trend. Speaking of color. In contrast to the previous trend for pastel shades, the retro mood brings with it all shades of red, which is also incredibly popular in 2023.


We live in the age of high technology and innovative solutions in everything, including logo design. The main trends of 2023 can’t be imagined without science fiction motifs. Robots, androids, glitz and microchips – you can safely use all of these to create the perfect logo for your business. But it’s important not to overdo it or scare it away.

Bottom Line

As you can see, 2023 is not a disadvantage of any particular framework, but on the contrary, gives room and the opportunity to develop in completely different directions – from vintage to virtual reality. The most important thing is to decide how you want your company to be perceived by potential clients and what the aftertaste should be after your logo. The same goes for the color solutions, because today there is a place for tenderness and warmth of bedding gradients as well as for saturation and aggression of red tones.

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