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Taiwan car brands

What is Taiwan car brands?
There are some big carmaking brands on Taiwan. That includes some subsidiaries of foreign brands, like Ford & Honda, as well as independent makers. CMC, Yulon and Sanyang are considered big and successful.

Taiwan is known as one of the leading centers of car production in the Far Asia. There aren’t too many big independent brands on the island, but you’d definitely find plenty of smaller manufacturers. Besides, Taiwan is home to many subsidiaries of bigger worldwide brands.

Hotai Motor

logo Hotai Motor

Hotai Motor is a carmaker, established in Taiwan in 1947. For the most part, they made cars of former brands like Toyota or Lexus. The former in particular was their specialty. Currently, Hotai manufactures Toyota crossovers and sells them on local markets. Their logo is a red circle with two strokes of white paint on it. It resembles both a lowercase ‘H’ and a road junction.


logo CMC

China Motors Corporation is a Taiwanese car manufacturer, founded in 1969. Their own brand includes a handful of crossovers. However, they also make Mitsubishi vehicles. That includes half-a-dozen crossovers and vans. Besides SUVs, there have also been plenty of small trucks, vans and similar models in their production. Their logo is two triangles pointed outwards and arranged side-by-side.

Kuozui Motors

logo Kuozui Motors

Kuozui (aka Huatung) is a Taipei carmaker, established in 1984. They aren’t an independent carmaker. Instead, the company mostly makes Toyota cars, as well as some Hino models (a smaller Japanese carmaker). Toyota even owns the carmaker almost solely. There are plenty of trucks, vans and crossovers in their production. The company’s logo is a red square with a big ‘K’ cut out from it. Moreover, their name is written using a collection of futuristic letters.


logo Luxgen

Luxgen is a car company from Western Taiwan. It was established in 2009 to produce cars of their own brand. It mainly includes crossovers and small crossovers. As such, this brand specializes on SUVs. The brand is owned by the bigger Taiwanese car company called Yulon. Their logo is a black badge with metallic sides and an italic letter ‘L’ in the middle. That one is also made of metal.

Prince Motors

logo Prince Motors

Prince Motors is a Taiwanese carmaker, established in 1965. They’ve produced a variety of cars in their time. Later, they started to manufacture Suzuki vehicles mostly. Unsurprisingly, Suzuki owned this brand in large part. That includes crossovers, mini-crossovers, small trucks and more. By 2011, the production ended. They didn’t seem to have any proper logotypes.

SYM Motors

logo SYM Motors

SYM, aka Sanyang Motors is a carmaker from Northern Taiwan. It was established in 1954. Since then, the company mostly made scooters, motorcycles and similar vehicles. Besides that, they assemble vehicles of foreign design – especially Hyundai cars. The SYM logo is just their acronym, written in big, blue letters with some red on the ‘Y’. There’s also a badge, which is a strip of metal bent into an arrowhead that points right. All of it is placed on a red circle.

Thunder Power

logo Thunder Power

Thunder Power is a Hong Kong-Taiwanese carmaker, founded in 2011. The company focuses primarily on electric-powered vehicles. That includes two on-sale (as of 2022) passenger cars and several concepts. The production goes slowly and they aren’t terribly successful at the moment. As a logo, they use the company’s wordmark, written in lowercase black letters. There isn’t any other proper emblem.


logo Tobe

Tobe is one of the brands of the Taiwanese carmaker Yulon. Established in 2009, the brand consisted of one supermini. It was a compact car called Tobe M’Car. It was actually based off the Chinese Geely Panda of the same design. Besides the usual variation, there was also an electric version. The brand was discontinued fully in 2015, but the production ended some time before.

Yulon GM

logo Yulon GM

Yulon is a Taiwanese carmaker, founded in 1953. Initially a manufacturer of imported vehicles (mostly American and Japanese), later they introduced several of their own brands. That includes Luxgen, a crossover manufacturer, and Tobe, a manufacturer of minicars. Yulon is one of the biggest carmakers in Taiwan. Besides their main production, they also collaborate with other worldwide brands. Their logo is a blue-colored wordmark with a red emblem that looks like just a stroke of paint.

Chin Chun Motor Co., Ltd.

logo Chin Chun Motor

Chin Chun is a carmaker from Northern Taiwan. It was established in 1991 as a subsidiary of several foreign carmakers. Most of their business revolves around manufacturing of cars from other brands. That includes Mercedes cars, Jeep cars and some Hyundai vehicles. It’s a small company with several factories across the island. As an assembly company, they don’t have a proper emblem.

Formosa Automobile Corporation

logo Formosa Automobile Corporation

Formosa Automobile Corporation is a carmaker from Taiwan, founded in 1996. It’s mostly an assembler company. It means they use licenses from other brands to create cars for the local market. In this case, it means mostly Daewoo. They just build Korean cars and swap the names. Their emblem is a blue oval with a double stroke of paint in the middle that looks like a road from a specific angle.

China Motor Corporation (it’s CMC again)

logo China Motor Corporation

Ford Lio Ho

logo Ford Lio Ho

Ford Lio Ho is a Taiwanese branch of the Ford Company. They established it in 1972 to produce cars for the local market. The company that was turned into this production was called Lio Ho. They mostly just made Toyota models. Now, the company makes some Ford cars, especially the big hatchback versions. They use the same logo as the big Ford – a blue oval with the company’s wordmark inside.

Honda Taiwan

logo Honda Taiwan

Honda Taiwan is a Taiwanese subsidiary of the famous Japanese carmaker. It was founded in 2002 as a move to rearrange the local sales. On the new factories, they made a large variety of popular passenger cars and minicars. Civic and Accord are likely their most popular products. As a result of their work, they’ve become one of the most successful carmakers on the island. They don’t have their own logo, either – they just use Honda’s symbols.

Her Chee

logo Her Chee

Her Chee Industrial is a Taiwanese carmaker, active since the 70s. Their main brand is Adly – a local producer of motorcycles. It’s one of the primary manufacturers of such sort on the island. Besides that, they also make the all-terrain vehicles, which is largely in the same category. Her Chee doesn’t really have a logotype. However, Adly uses their wordmark, written in blue abrupt letters with some red.

Ta Ching Motor

logo Ta Ching Motor

Ta Ching was a Taiwanese car manufacturer between 1986 and 2002. They didn’t really make their own cars. For a long time, Ta Ching made cars from other brands. That included Subaru, in particular. Besides vans and compact cars by Subaru, Ta Ching also made other vehicles. Their logo was a blue circle with two round lines connecting in the middle, which resembled the letter ‘T’ somewhat.


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