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Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference logoSouthern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference Logo PNG

Although the logo of the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference is pretty simple and clear, it looks dynamic and has a sporty feel.

Meaning and history

Logo Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference

The abbreviated name of the organization, “SIAC,” dominates the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference logo. It can be used as an independent wordmark or together with the lettering below, which deciphers the abbreviation: “Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference.” The full name is given in small letters that are hardly legible at larger sizes.

Due to the fact that the word “SIAC” features italicized glyphs, it has some implied motion. Also, the combination of dark blue with white and blue trim creates a fresh and sleek impression.

What is SIAC?
Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference is a college sports conference in the Second Division of NCAA, the organization that regulates most professional sports events for colleges. This conference is particular is active since 1913, and it mostly includes colleges from Midwest, curiously.

Font and color

SIAC’s logo is colored in various shades of blue, mixed with white. As of late, it meant dark blue letters with white borders and different elements with turquoise, lilac and other shades all around it. White is mostly used for borders, different lines and as background.
The font of the current logo is a bold sans-serif with a slight tilt. At least, that’s what they used for the acronym. There is also the full name of the conference, written below in a much thinner and more mundane sans-serif. The letters there were fully capitalized, although much smaller than the ones in the acronym.

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