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The Great Northwest Athletic Conference (GNAC) is a collegiate athletic conference which operates as a part of the NCAA’s Division II. The conference doesn’t have a traditional “owner” as it’s a collective organization comprising multiple universities. Primarily, its activities revolve around organizing and managing athletic competitions and events for its member institutions. Located in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States, GNAC’s sphere of operation includes states like Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. This regional focus allows the conference to foster a sense of community and rivalry among its member schools, enhancing the collegiate athletic experience for both athletes and spectators.

Meaning and history

The Great Northwest Athletic Conference was founded in 2001, emerging from the dissolution of the Pacific West Conference and the reorganization of the NCAA’s Division II conferences. This foundation marked a significant moment in the history of collegiate athletics in the Pacific Northwest, as it aimed to consolidate and enhance the competitive environment for its member institutions.

Throughout its history, the GNAC has achieved notable success in various sports, particularly in track and field, cross country, and basketball. These achievements not only underscore the athletic prowess of its member schools but also reflect the conference’s commitment to promoting excellence in collegiate athletics. The GNAC has also been a frontrunner in championing academic success among athletes, ensuring that the pursuit of athletic excellence is balanced with educational attainment.

In its current position, the Great Northwest Athletic Conference continues to be a significant player in NCAA Division II athletics. It remains dedicated to fostering competitive sportsmanship, academic achievement, and the personal development of its student-athletes. The GNAC, by maintaining a balance between athletics and academics, exemplifies the true spirit of collegiate athletics and continues to contribute positively to the landscape of sports in the Pacific Northwest.

What is Great Northwest Athletic Conference?
The Great Northwest Athletic Conference is a pivotal entity in NCAA Division II athletics, primarily focused on organizing and managing sports competitions for its member colleges in the Pacific Northwest. This conference not only champions athletic prowess but also emphasizes the importance of academic excellence among its student-athletes.

The Logo

Logo Great Northwest Athletic Conference

The original GNAC logo looks different from the current one in three nuances. First, the shade of green is somewhat warmer. Second, there is a barely noticeable line dividing the triangle into two parts. The top part is lighter, while the field below is slightly darker. Apparently, this approach adds some dimension. Also, the name “Great Northwest Athletic Conference” is white, while in the old logo it was dark blue.