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The California Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) has used one and the same logo for at least two decades. This is a purely typographical logo based on the abbreviation made up of the initials of the association’s name.

The letters “CCAA” are given in dark blue using a slightly italicized sans serif type. What makes the California Collegiate Athletic Association logo stand out is the way the letters stick together. In fact, the second “C” and the first “A” merge forming a single glyph.

Meaning and history

Logo California Collegiate Athletic Association
The CCAA is an NCAA-affiliated collegiate athletic conference (the Division II level). The majority of its participants are public universities.

What is CCAA?
California Collegiate Athletic Association is a sports conference that was created in California in 1938. It’s part of the Second Division of the NCAA, which regulates all college athletic events throughout North America. These sports include soccer, basketball, baseball, gold, volleyball, cross country and more.

Font and color

The font that they use is a rather typical sans-serif. That being said, the acronym has bolder letters, which are all capitalized and weirdly fused. The full name, written below, uses a similar style. The characters there aren’t as bold, but there’s the same slight tilt to the right, as in the top lettering.
CCAA mostly uses ultramarine (a shade of blue) for coloring. The lettering that they use as a main logo has been colored this dark blue shade for a long time now. Obviously, they use white for background and other uses. For instance, the letters in the latest design are all outlined with white.

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