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Quiz Logo Games for Mobile Phones

Today there is a huge number of mobile games in all sorts of genres: from retro puzzles, like Tetris or lines, to MMOs, in which players build cities and fight enemies in real-time. All kinds of plots, incredible graphics, sound effects — it is difficult to surprise modern gadget users with anything. However, it is curious that simple puzzles and quizzes are still the most popular of all genres. In our today’s review, we take a closer look at the top 10 quizzes in which players need to guess the logos of popular brands.

Recently, there are more and more applications whereby the bright emblems you need to identify the companies that use them. Spheres of companies are completely different. So, we can get NBA Logo Quiz, with the emblems of basketball teams, or we can install the game where the correct logo quiz questions will be from the sphere of business or air travel. The sense in all the quizzes is the same — to choose the right answer, or to write your own — it depends on the developers. The complexity is also different. And it is about the differences and advantages of each application we will tell below.

  1. 1000 Logo Quiz

1000 Logo Quiz

The leader of our rating is the 1000 Logo Quiz (Android, IOS). This app is created by a team of professionals, who have been working on the world’s most complete online platform about the history of logos. The largest collection of emblems, and some really challenging levels. This trivia is all in one — fashion brands, cars, restaurant chains, and even an NFL logo quiz. There are two modes of game: choosing the right answer out of four given, or typing it. The hints depend on the mode chosen.

  1. Jingle Quiz: Logo sound game

Jingle Quiz Logo sound game

Jingle Quiz: Logo sound game is a very unusual quiz by Elia Games. Unlike other applications on our list, in this game, the player has to guess the logo by its sound. Yes yes, no graphical emblems, you listen to the jingles, and advertising melodies, and picture the logo yourself. The right answer here also has to be written in the empty box from the given letters.

  1. Logo Game Quiz

Logo Game Quiz

The game, developed by TapLane, boasts one of the largest collections of emblems from all over the globe. Thousands of logos are split into different categories and levels of difficulty. Here everyone will find a challenge for himself. As with the previous applications, the player has to type the right answer in the empty field. Logo Game Quiz has hints and allows players to share their gaming experience via Facebook and Twitter.

  1. Logos Quiz – Guess the logos!

Logos Quiz — Guess the Logos!

The game with high-quality graphics and a clear interface, Logos Quiz — Guess the Logos! Provides fun for the whole family. Over 1000 different logotypes from various segments, hints, and even an opportunity to ask a friend for help. There is also a possibility to buy coins from the in-app store, and use them for extra hints. The quiz has some really difficult questions, so you won’t be bored.

  1. Logo Test: World Quiz & Game

Logo Test World Quiz & Game

Logo Test: World Quiz & Game is an application, developed by Kingim. Over 1000 logos from various categories and levels of difficulty is what made more than one million people from all over the globe download this application. Bright interface, hints, and coins, as in the previous game. The right answer has to be written by the player.

  1. Logos Quiz – Guess the brands!

Logos Quiz - Guess the brands!

Another cool logo quiz from our list — Logos Quiz – Guess the brands is fun and easy to play, and will perfectly suit kids and teenagers, as all the emblems in the catalog are very well-known. The application is being updated on a regular basis, so you can keep playing for weeks, discovering more and more badges, and training your memory on the old ones.

  1. Logo Quiz – Guess The Brand!

Logo Quiz - Guess the brands!

Logo Quiz by Bubble is trivia with more than 2000 emblems to guess. Different modes are available for different levels of the players’ knowledge. Fun to play with kids and on your own, as some of the tasks will make you sweat. The game is full of various features and hints and is constantly updating, to keep the players entertained no matter what.

  1. Logo Quiz 2022: Guess the logo

Logo Quiz 2022 Guess the logo

A very bright and bold design of the Logo Quiz 2022, created by Peter Skarheim, is for those, who like intense colors and graphics. In this quiz the player has to pass through 55 levels and guess more than 800 logos from the world’s most famous companies, starting with Google and finishing with Pepsi Co. The game is more for beginners, but we like its design, so worth downloading.

  1. Logo Quiz Free Ultimate

Logo Quiz Free Ultimate

The app with the longest name in our today’s list was developed by Tasali and features a pretty impressive collection of brand insignias. If you consider yourself a visual identity connoisseur, this game might not be for you, but for those, who want to test their knowledge of emblems, the Logo Quiz Free Ultimate might be the perfect match. Clean and light design, good graphics, and various levels.

  1. Guess the Brand

Guess the Brand

This Quiz, developed by Alexandru Halmagean for Word, features a clear interface and is very easy to play. The fragment of the logo the player has to guess is shown in the center of the screen, and below you have a line to write the name of the brand from the given letters. Guess the Brand has a collection of over 300 logos of the world’s most famous companies from food to fashion. Recommended for beginners.