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Netherlands car brands

The Dutch are actually known as some of the first pioneers of automotive industry. They aren’t very prominent in this area anymore, but there are still some brands known throughout Europe. Their sports cars are pretty legendary in particular.


logo Donkervoort Automobielen BV

Donkervoort is a Dutch carmaker, established in the 70s. A lot of their cars are 2-seaters with external wheel positioning. They are sports cars and racing models, although you can still use them in the city. Their shtick is extreme light weight, making them brisk and agile. A lot of these cars use Audi engines, which adds extra power. Their logo is a red circle with two geometric wings stretching from its either side. The circle is also where they put the company’s name in white.


logo Spyker

Spyker was a big Dutch brand of cars that operated between 1999 and 2021. Their shtick was a number of sports cars and racing models. Some of these fast vehicles even took park in F1 and other big competitions. Their logo is just their name, written in interconnected, italic letters. The color is normally black, but it’s not a rule, really. The font uses a sort of squeezed (from the top), hand-written characters with oddly straight lines.

VDL NedCar

logo VDL Nedcar

NedCar is a large vehicle producer from the Netherlands, established in 1967. They don’t really design their own models, but rather build cars from other brands. That includes Mini and BMW cars, as well as DAF, Mitsubishi and Volvo vehicles before. The ‘VDL’ bit means the company is owned by VDL, a big engineering corporation. The main NedCar logo depicts the acronym ‘VDL’, written in tall, white letters with some black outlining. It’s then placed in front of a long Dutch flag that stretches to the right beyond this text bit. It’s also outlined in black somewhat.


logo Vencer

Vencer is a car brand, established in 2010 in Eastern Netherlands. Their primary focus is the production of sports cars. In particular, there is a Vencer Sarthe supercar they have as a flagman of their lineup. It was released in 2015 as a powerful, reliable car fit even for racing. Their logo depicts a black circle with some silver elements inside. The central horizontal plane included the company’s name, made of fluent, hand-written characters. Above and below, it was confined by a pair of horizontal lines, and the rest of the space was occupied by diagonal lines.