Japanese Yen Symbol

Japanese Yen SymbolJapanese Yen Symbol

Symbol of yen – is a traditional character or modern Latin-based grapheme (¥), used to briefly denote the Japanese yen.

E Japanese Yen was officially recognized by the International Monetary Fund in 1953. This is when the parity of the Japanese yen was equated to 2.5 milligrams of gold, and this monetary unit received the status of internationally recognized (reserve) currency. At the same time, the yen had its international symbol – ¥ (the Latin letter Y with two crossed lines). Recently the same symbol began to be used to denote the Chinese yuan (sometimes it is the Latin letter Y with one cross line).

How do I make the yen symbol ¥ with the keyboard?

The yen is the official currency symbol of Japan and China. However, the yuan is mostly used by the Chinese with the international ISO code as CNY.

Key combinations for the yen sign

Japanese Yen Symbol

The following is a brief description of key combinations for signing the yen using the keyboard on Windows and Mac computers.

1. Type the yen character in Windows 10.

Type the yen characte

On Windows 10 computers, turn on the numeric lock, press the alt key, and 0165 using the numeric keypad. This will cause the ¥ sign to appear on your document.

2. What is the Word shortcut for the yen sign?

Japanese Yen in Word

You can enter the yen sign in your Word documents by typing 00A5 and then pressing alt and X at the same time.

3. How do I enter the yen sign on a Mac?

On a MacBook, you must first change the input method to Unicode Hex Input. After that, while holding down the select key, type 00A5 to make the yen sign ¥.

4. What is a full-width yen sign?

Japanese Yen in Windows

The full-width yen sign is another character you can type using Alt + 65509 on Windows and Option + FFE5 on Mac. Most Chinese writing applications use the full-size yen sign as a currency symbol by default.

5. Insert Yen Enter in HTML

You can use the decimal &# 165; or hex code &#x 00A5; or object name & yen; in HTML documents to insert the sign.

6. Insert the yen sign in CSS.

Instead of inserting the symbol in HTML, you can also insert the symbol with CSS. You can use hex code such as content: 0A5; in a CSS style.