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Bangladesh car brands

Bangladesh is among the lesser car producers in South Asia. They don’t really have a lot of active carmakers, and compact cars are still the most popular automobile type in the country. Sobari, Mishuk and Agate are some of the bigger car brands from Bangladesh.


logo Sobari

Sobari is a Bangladeshi car, presented in 2014. It’s basically a subcompact van, posed as the first Bangladesh-made auto. It’s made to be affordable and relatively spacious to accommodate the needs of masses. The production is owned by Tata Motors, the biggest Indian carmaker. As such, most Sobari cars use the typical Tata emblem. It depicts two vertical lines, bent to the sides halfway up. These are meant to resemble the letter ‘T’.



Mishuk is a manufacturer of electric rickshaws from Bangladesh. Electric rickshaws are engine-driven small vehicles with no coach to speak of and usually 3 wheels. These are affordable, electric vehicles used extensively in this part of the globe. Mishuk builds a lot of these, in many variations. Despite this, they don’t seem to have any real emblems to speak of. The company is a relatively small-scale business, after all.

Agate Group

logo Agate Group

Agate is a car business from Bangladesh that operates all over Eurasia. They don’t build their own cars, but instead sell luxury and premium vehicles. In addition to that, they also provide aftermarket services, such as detailing. Their logo depicts the company’s name, written in big sans-serif letters. They are generally basic, except for the first ‘A’ (the central bar on which extends down into a diagonal position). There’s also an emblem: two stars with a box-like frame on their three sides.

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