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In the standard set of Unicode emoji there is a huge number of different pictures – from yellow faces with smiles or upset expression, to icons depicting food and various objects. But if and a separate category of emoji, with fantastic creatures, such as Alien Emoji, which we will tell you about today. Of course, this emoji raises interest and questions among users: what does it mean and how to use it in communication? In this article, we will consider the interpretation and variants of using this symbol.

👽 The “Alien” emoticon was assigned the code U+1F47D, with which it was added to the Faces and Emotions section of the Unicode 6.0 standard in 2010.

Meaning of the Alien Emoji

Like many other emoticons, the alien emoji allows you to add an emotional touch to written communication. Thanks to its unusual design, it attracts attention and helps to create an emotional connection between interlocutors, as well as to reinforce the meaning given or simply to color the message.

The symbolism of the alien emoji is quite meaningful. Some users associate it with extraterrestrial beings and communication with them. This emoji can be used to indicate interest in the topic of alien civilizations, fantasy stories, or science fiction in general. It can also be used in conversations about technology and scientific discoveries. However, the interpretation of the alien emoji can vary. It depends on the context of use and the individual preferences of each user.

Emoji Alien

So, the first possible meaning of Alien Emoji is Alien or extraterrestrial being. This emoji is often associated with foreigners, aliens or people from other cultures. It can serve as a symbol of diversity, intercultural exchange, or represent an Alien, or a person who is different from us, but different in a positive way: with their worldview or interests.

Based on this, we can conclude that the Alien Smiley can represent an innovator, someone who is ahead of the curve or is characterized by originality of thinking. It can be used to express enthusiasm, curiosity and the desire to explore uncharted areas.

The Use of the Alien Emoji

Smiley face alien conveys a positive emotion. He though strange, “not of this world”, but kind and positive. Sometimes it is sent to emphasize the strangeness of some thought, its originality, unconventionality. But in a good way, in a positive way. It’s not a judgment.

The Alien Emoji is often sent in response to unexpected news of an event that seems sudden and unusual. “UFOs have landed,” “aliens are coming.” Something so unusual is happening that it is akin to an alien arrival.

The Alien Emoji can also be used to describe a person who behaves so out of the ordinary that it’s as if they’re not from our planet. But it is in a good sense, as evidenced by the good-natured expression of the alien’s face.

Often people, sending this emoticon, do not put much meaning in it. Sometimes they want to say: “it is strange” or “you are strange”, “good, but strange”.

Alien Emoji


So, today we have found out that in addition to characters from science fiction books and movies, the Alien Emoji can also be used to describe people who differ from the “standard” by some criteria. But also Alien Emoji can be used simply to create a mystical or, on the contrary, humorous mood of a message or post. In general, this emoji is quite universal, and here everything depends only on your imagination and your agreements with the interlocutor.