The most popular Beer logos and brands

Top 10 logos of beer

Beer is the oldest alcoholic beverage in the world. This drink is also popular nowadays. We have collected logos of beers from all over the world.

Space Barley

Space Barley logo

Space Barley beer of Sapporo is brewed of experimental barley. The fact is that the grain was grown not in normal conditions, but in weightlessness. The cost of the bottle is about 20 dollars.

The center of the logo is a five-pointed star, emphasizing the “cosmic origin” of raw materials.


Westvleteren logo

A small monastery brewery from Westvleteren in Belgium became famous 10 years ago. Then the professional journal of the brewers made the world ranking of the beer brands. The opinions of tasters were taken as the basis. This rating was headed by beer Westvleteren.

The logo features a shield with a stylized palm tree on the island at the bottom and two crossed keys at the top. The shield is crowned with a curl resembling the top of the staff.

The cost of a bottle ranges from 40 to 50 dollars, depending on the year.

Tutankhamun Ale

Tutankhamun Ale logo

The Tutankhamun Ale logo emphasizes the direct connection with the ancient Egyptian history. The drink is made according to the recipe, which was found in the tomb of Tutankhamun. Due to this fact, there are Egyptian hieroglyphs on the logo. The first taster of this beer had to pay 7.500 for a bottle, today’s price is affordable – $ 80.

Crown Ambassador Reserve

Crown Ambassador Reserve logo

A differential characteristic of the Crown Ambassador Reserve beer is the bottle like the bottle for sparkling wines. Such shape is necessity because Crown Ambassador Reserve beer is prepared longer than other. Beer stay a year in oak casks, and only then bottled and come to restaurants and in the market. The price of a bottle of 0.75 l. is 90 dollars, and the logo of the Royal crown is emphasized by the font, more like a monogram.

Corona Beer Logo

Corona Beer Logo

The golden crown is the basic element of the Corona Beer logo. The logo uses a gothic font with distinctive serifs. Each letter “Corona”, except the first, has a pointed base. This emphasizes the sharp flavor of beer.

Red Dog Beer logo

Red Dog Beer Logo

At first glance, the Red Dog Beer logo is restrained and simple. Simple black font with red outline. A simple image of a good-natured dog of red and black color. But, there is a little secret, because of which Red Dog Beer fans call this drink “bat beer”. If you turn upside down the image, the lower jaw of a bulldog strongly resembles a bat.

Millers Beer logo

Millers Beer logo

The main design signature of the Miller Beer logo is the dynamics. The stylized eagle with the spread wings, placement of a font diagonally, use of the stylized triangle as the basis (also diagonal) for a font create an image. The font was created specifically for this logo. The last varieties of Miller Beer were implemented using only the font part of the logo.

Jacobsen Vintage No.1

Jacobsen Vintage No.1 logo

Beer Jacobsen Vintage No.1 of Carlsberg is collectible. It is saved in oak casks for six months, and the taste and smell have a taste of caramel. The logo is a complex structure resembling a gun. Only instead of a barrel of a gun, it has an elephant’s trunk. Combine at first glance incongruous is feature of the brand.

You can taste this beer only in Denmark. A bottle of this beer costs 300-400 dollars.

Antarctic Nail Ale

Antarctic Nail Ale logo

The brewery Nail Brewing promotes beer Antarctic Nail Ale by two original solutions. The water of the melted iceberg was used as a base liquid, and the profit from the sale of this beer was transferred to the account of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Icicle became the basic symbol of the logo. Letter “I” in the word Nail is styled on icicle.

The cost of a bottle of beer reaches $ 1.800.

Arctic Ale

Arctic Ale logo

Collector’s beer Arctic Ale of Allsopp was brewed in 1875 for the British Arctic expedition. The logo is the profile of head of a Viking in helmet with horns. The creators of the logo wanted to emphasize the history of the Vikings – ancient seafarers.

The last bottle was sold at auction recently for 5.131 dollars.

Hundreds beer brands give to each person the opportunity to enjoy a drink. Consumer chooses landmark for himself: the price or taste of your favorite brand of drink. The logo also makes the brands recognizable and emphasizes the character.