Austrian oil company OMV introduces new compact symbol

Established in 1956, OMV (Österreichische Mineralölverwaltung AG) is an Austrian oil and gas company with the largest market value in the industry in central Europe. OMV’s facilities serve as key hubs in the European petrochemical system, including over 1,700 gas stations across eight countries. As part of the OMV Strategy 2030, which envisions a transition to climate-neutral technology, the company has updated its visual identity by introducing a new logo aligned with sustainable practices.

OMV CEO Alfred Stern states that the new identity complements the company’s strategy, emphasizing the agenda and goals of the OMV Group. The company is currently undergoing its largest transformation in history. Through flagship projects, OMV proudly presents its new look, emphasizing its ambitions and commitments as an international company leading the way towards a more sustainable future. The company’s new slogan, “Forward for Good,” highlights OMV’s responsibility to society and its journey towards a zero-emission paradigm.

The current rebranding represents the first logo change in almost 30 years. In 1985, OMV introduced an emblem consisting of three geometric figures resembling the company’s acronym. As the company expanded internationally, it became evident that the geometric logo was not easily understood outside Austria. Therefore, in 1995, an OMV wordmark was added in a more generic typeface. This redesign also marked the official replacement of the “Ö” with “O” in the acronym.

The new signature, unveiled at an Investors Meeting, features a clean, one-line logo structure with an icon followed by a wordmark. While the wordmark appears unchanged, now in white, the newly introduced icon symbolizes the company’s eco-friendly policy and closed-cycle economy. The green color signifies sustainability, while the round shape represents continuous movement and an innovative, future-oriented approach.

The corporate colors green and blue from the previous logo remain, and the brand’s color palette will now include shades of lavender, lilac, violet, and deep blue. Typographically, the company will utilize OMV Progress, a custom sans-serif font distinguished by precise letterforms and subtle design elements.

OMV’s rebranding aligns with the ongoing structural changes. The previous ÖMV-OMV logo was considered too bulky for modern use and promotion. By embracing a more streamlined and original icon, the brand opens up new possibilities for association, such as an On button or a plunger-cylinder mechanics, enhancing recognition and making a strong statement.

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