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While the old Heartland Conference logo looked lighter than the current one, it was also more cluttered and less dynamic in comparison with the current version.

Meaning and history

Heartland Conference Logo history

In the tapestry of American collegiate athletics, the Heartland Conference emerged in 1999 as a testament to competitive spirit and academic integrity. This alliance was born from the collective aspirations of its founding institutions, each committed to nurturing a high-caliber athletic and educational environment. The Heartland Conference, especially noted within the NCAA Division II framework, has etched its name in the annals of sports with a series of remarkable achievements. These include hosting prestigious championship events, setting high standards in athletic competitions, and contributing substantially to the personal and professional growth of its student-athletes.

This conference has been a crucible for developing top-tier talent, with many athletes excelling in national sports arenas and achieving academic distinction. The Heartland Conference had embraced evolution, reshaping its strategies and goals to stay in stride with the changing dynamics of college sports. It stands as a beacon of both tradition and innovation, committed to fostering well-rounded development in its student-athletes amidst the ever-shifting landscape of American collegiate sports.

What is Heartland Conference?
Heartland Conference is an intercollegiate athletic organization, which is affiliated with the third division of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. The Conference was established in 1987, and today is composed of ten college/members, fielding 18 sports disciplines where both men’s and women’s teams compete.


Heartland Conference Logo old

The original logo of the Heartland Conference was dominated by the word “Heartland” in white with blue trim and a flying star with a long tail. The word “Conference” was given below in white over the red background.


Heartland Conference logo

On the current emblem, there are only two letters, “H” and “C.” They stick together and almost form a single shape. The right vertical line of the “H” serves as the back for the “C.” The ends of the “C” are given in red, while the “H” is navy blue.

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