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Croatia car brands

Croatia is not really a big haven for carmakers. However, it gave birth to several very interesting car brands, the foremost of which is Rimac, a prominent sports car producer. It is home to a number of car companies of regional renown.

TAZ Neretva

logo TAZ Neretva

TAZ Neretva is a van produced by the Croatian TAZ. This company has been active since 1930 and until 2000. Neretva is their most popular creation – a microbus, used extensively in former Yugoslav countries. Other TAZ vehicles are rather similar. Their logo is a black circular form with a shield image in the middle. There are two blocky extensions on the sides, where they placed the letter ‘T’ and ‘Z’ respectively. The shield proper is occupied by a bigger letter ‘A’.
uro akovi


logo DOK-ING Loox

DOK-ING Loox is a project by the Croatian vehicle manufacturer DOK-ING, which otherwise builds heavy utility vehicles. The development started in 2010, although it goes slowly. The car is supposed to be a microcar, fully driven by electricity. It’s also prominent for having a futuristic, pleasing design. The DOK-ING logo is a shield with four sections (2 red, 2 white) inside. On the corners of the white bits, there are also two smaller black squares.


logo Crobus

Crobus is a Croatian vehicle manufacturer, founded in 2006. They specialize in building buses, minibuses and some truck models. There are few Crobus-designed vehicles – they mainly manufacture them for other brands. Their logo depicts a round metallic badge with a depression inside. In it, they placed a red rhomb (rotated clockwise somewhat). The word ‘Crobus’ is etched onto the edges of the badge, along the top.

Rimac Automobili

logo Rimac Automobili

Rimac is a Croatian carmaker, founded in 2009. They are famous for making extremely fast sports cars. Some of their latest models are considered the fastest in this category. Their emblem is a black shield with part of the letter ‘R’ inside it. Everything besides the left bar is present there. The wordmark is usually written next to the shield in the similar futuristic font. The main color is normally black.

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