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The current logo of Conference Carolinas features the two interlacing letters “C” and a sunny gold flag.

Meaning and history

Conference Carolinas Logo history

There is something joyful, youthful, and vivid about the old logo. The effect is achieved by the stylized depiction of the sun dominating the Conference Carolinas logo. Also, this feeling is partly due to the choice of typeface. While each of the words features a different font, both of them look friendly and relaxed.

What is Conference Carolinas?

Conference Carolinas is the intercollegiate athletic organization, affiliated with the second division of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. The conference was established in 1930 and today it is composed of men’s and women’s teams from 13 college-members and fields 25 sports disciplines.


Conference Carolinas Logo old
The Old version of the Conference Carolinas logo features a very bright and friendly composition with a two-colored wordmark placed under the gradient yellow emblem. The emblem of the intercollegiate conference was drawn in gradient shades and depicted a stylized sun with three bold horizontal lines overlapping it on the right side. The lines had their ends rounded and the shades — a bit lighter than the “sun”.

As for the lettering, it had its upper level set straight and written in red title case cursive, while the bottom “Carolinas” was arched and underlined, written in bold gradient blue lines, and featured a modern sans-serif typeface.


Conference Carolinas logo

The blue streak seen under the word “Carolinas” also works for the overall laid back feel. It looks as if it was drawn without much effort – just a random move of the pencil left as it was.

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