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The Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference (CACC) is an NCAA Division II collegiate athletic conference. The commissioner of the CACC is Dan Mara. It comprises 14 member institutions, primarily located in the Northeastern United States, and organizes and administers championship sports competitions across various men’s and women’s sports. The conference operates in Delaware, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, facilitating an array of sports activities among its member schools.

Meaning and history

The Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference was founded in 1961 and has grown into a notable NCAA Division II conference. The conference primarily focused on fostering athletic competition in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern regions. Over the years, it has broadened its membership to include both public and private institutions, strengthening its athletic reach. The CACC’s commitment to the balance between athletics and academics is evidenced in its high graduation rates among student-athletes.

A significant achievement of the CACC is its consistent ability to secure top student-athletes who perform well both on the field and academically. This blend of sportsmanship and scholastic excellence has helped the conference establish a respected reputation. The conference has continually expanded its roster of sports programs and has earned recognition for the level of competition among its member schools. The CACC has produced numerous NCAA tournament participants and individual athletes who have gone on to excel in their sports careers.

Currently, the CACC maintains a strong position in NCAA Division II athletics. It serves as a platform for developing student-athletes, with several member institutions gaining national recognition in various sports. The conference places a strong emphasis on community engagement and has initiatives that encourage athletes to contribute positively to their communities.

What is Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference?
The Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference is an NCAA Division II conference that organizes collegiate sports competitions among its 14 member institutions. Founded in 1961, it emphasizes a balance between athletics and academics, and it is recognized for producing athletes who excel in sports and maintain high academic standards.

1962 – Today

Logo Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference

While the emblem is based on a roundel, the elements of the logo stretch far beyond its borders. At the forefront, there is the abbreviation “CACC” given in italicized bold letters. They are red with blue trim. The next layer is formed by the map of the area where the conference members are located. Eventually, there is a red circle inside a blue ring housing the full name of the conference.

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