Cars brands and logos that start with Z

Cars that start with Z

There are surprisingly many car brands, whose names start with ‘Z’. This includes an array of Chinese, Japanese and Eastern European brands. There are many smaller manufacturers, but no industry leaders with ‘Z’.

What supercar starts with Z?
BMW Z is a series of high-performance cars, produced since 1989. There have been 6 major versions released since then. The latest is a G29 Z4, a powerful roadster.

What expensive cars start with Z?
ZIL-111, ZIL-114 & ZIL-4114 are all part of the series of Russian and Soviet limousines. ZIL Company pretty much specializes on such luxury vehicles. ZIL has been inactive since 2012.

What car brands that start with Z?
ZIL was one of the major Russian carmakers. It’s now defunct, but in 1916-2012 they’ve made plenty of trucks, passenger cars, etc. It’s still one of the Russia’s most popular car brands.


logo Zagato

Zagato is a car company from Italy that assembles cars for other brands. It was founded in 1919. Since 1922, they’ve helped design and assemble bodies for Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Maserati and various other brands.

Zagross Khodro

logo Zagross Khodro

Zagross Khodro is a car company from Iran founded in 1996. Primarily, Zagross just assembles cars designed by other brands to sell on Iranian market.

Zastava Special Vehicles

logo Zastava Special Vehicles

Zastava Special Automobiles was a Serbian car manufacturer in 1991-2017 inside a bigger Zastava Group. This subsidiary made pickup and utility variations of the usual Zastava vehicles.

ZAZ or Zaporizhia Automobile Building Plant


Zaporizhzhia Automobile Building Plant is a Ukrainian carmaker founded in 1923. The company is best known for their line of Soviet-built Zaporozhets compact cars. Now, they mainly manufacture Chevy cars.

Zbrojovka Brno

logo Zbrojovka Brno

Zbrojovka Brno was an engineering company from Czechoslovakia in 1918-2006. From 1924, they also made passenger vehicles, trucks and tractors (them exclusively since the 50s).


logo Zedel

Zedel was a carmaker from Switzerland between 1901 and 1908. They mostly made small, 1-seat passenger cars.


logo Zeekr

Zeekr 001 is a car produced by the Chinese Geely Company since 2021. By design, it’s a fully-electric mix between a luxury vehicle and a sports car.

Zero Motorcycles

logo Zero Motorcycles

Zero is an American brand of motorcycles established in 2006. These motorcycles are high-performance vehicles powered completely by electricity.


logo Zender

Zender was a line of several concept sports cars developed throughout the 80s. These were supposed to be powerful, futuristically-styled vehicles.


logo Zenvo

Zenvo is a sports car brand from Denmark started in 2004. Their first vehicle, ST1, was released in 2009. It’s a high-performance supercar with sleek design.


logo Zeta

Zeta was a brand of Australian compact cars produced in the 60s by Lightburn Co. There have been several variations, including some touring versions. They weren’t successful.


logo Zhonghua

Brilliance Zhonghua is a car released by the Brilliance carmaker in 2000. It’s a higher-class sedan car with several variations that were in total produced until 2010.


logo ZiL

ZiL (or Likhachov plant) was a Soviet-Russian car manufacturer in 1916-2020. It’s primarily known as a producer of trucks. There have also been several luxury passenger cars built by them.


logo Zimmer

Zimmer was an American carmaker between 1978 and 1988. They’ve only made a handful of luxury car models and limousines. The brand was then resurrected with lower volume.


logo ZIS
ZIS was a Russian carmaker, established in the 1910s. They primarily made trucks, luxury vehicles and the usual passenger cars. In the 2010s, the business went under.

Zotye Auto

logo Zotye

Zotye is a Chinese carmaker founded in 2005. Most of their products are electric vehicles. That includes everything from mini cars to compact models to full-sized vehicles and crossovers.


logo Zuk

Zuk is a Polish van manufactured by the FSC (the government company) from the 50s until 80s. It was used for many purposes, mostly by government itself.


logo Zundapp

Zundapp was a German company that made motorcycles between 1917 and 1984. Besides the urban motorcycles, they also made high-performance models, scooters and some mini cars.


logo Zust

Zust was an early carmaker from Italy, active between 1905 and 1917. They’ve made several high-performance touring cars that were somewhat successful in racing.

ZX Auto

logo ZX Auto

ZX Auto is a Chinese car manufacturer founded in 1999. They exclusively produce crossovers and pickup trucks, of which there are about a dozen models.


logo Zyrus