15+ Best Coconut Water Brands and Logos

15+ Best Coconut Water Brands and Logos

In the bustling marketplace of health beverages, the emblem a brand chooses is not just a symbol but a storytelling device that encapsulates its essence and philosophy. Among these, coconut water brands stand out with their evocative logos, each a visual haiku of the brand’s narrative. These icons are more than mere markers of identity, they serve as silent ambassadors, conveying messages of natural purity, exotic origins, and healthful benefits.

As we delve into the world of coconut water brands, we notice how their logos go beyond the conventional to capture the imagination and evoke the senses. A logo, in its color and design, can whisk you away to tropical shores, or reassure you with the promise of nature’s untouched bounty. It can reflect a commitment to sustainability or a dedication to simplicity and wellness.

The design choices – be it the verdant hues evoking lush groves where coconuts are harvested, the clear blue that promises hydration, or the earthy tones that speak of organic roots—each aspect of a logo’s design is a deliberate, nuanced decision. From the playful to the profound, these logos are as diverse as the brands they represent, yet they share a common thread in their homage to the humble coconut.

This article will explore the art and strategy behind the logos of leading coconut water brands, unraveling how each design translates to a narrative that resonates with consumers and stands out in a competitive market. We will look at how these brands use their logos not just for recognition, but to communicate their unique stories and core values.


365 Whole Foods Market logo

The 365 brand is a distinguished offspring of the Whole Foods Market family, offering a wide array of products that epitomize the essence of organic and natural living, including its renowned coconut water. Its emblem is a testament to modernity intertwined with a commitment to organic principles, featuring the “365” insignia in an arresting, curvaceous typeface that transitions seamlessly from a rich teal to a vibrant green. This color gradient mirrors the brand’s day-to-day dedication to organic nourishment. The inclusion of the subtle “by Whole Foods Market” subtext underneath the main logo instills a sense of quality and reliability, reassuring consumers of the brand’s high standards.

Amy and Brian

Amy and Brian logo

With a commitment to natural flavor and no added sugars, the coconut water by Amy and Brian originates from the lush groves of Thailand. Their logo exudes cheer with cartoon figures Amy and Brian, offering welcoming gestures—a wave and a thumbs-up – set against a bright red banner that celebrates the brand’s founding in 2001, echoing a history of trust and excellence.


C2O logo

C2O distinguishes itself with its premium coconut water, derived from young, green Thai coconuts, without resorting to concentrates. The brand’s emblem is a model of cleanliness and freshness, with the ‘C’ and ‘2’ enveloping a water droplet in lieu of the ‘O’. This clever design emphasizes the brand’s hydration focus. The logo cleverly incorporates the chemical formula “C2O”, with two ‘O’s depicted as overlapping circles with a water motif, reinforcing the water-based nature of their product. Below this, the phrase “COCONUT WATER” is prominently displayed in bold, uppercase, light blue letters, highlighting the drink’s natural origin.

Coco Community

Coco Community logo

Coco Community connects consumers to its source with coconut water that comes from a dedicated organic farming collective in Ratchaburi, Thailand. The brand’s logo is a symbol of playfulness and connection, featuring a vivid green coconut depicted as an island oasis encircled by a dotted line, representing its global outreach. The logo’s clean typography reflects the brand’s transparency and approachability.

Harmless Harvest

Harmless Harvest logo

Harmless Harvest differentiates itself with coconut water that’s not only ethically sourced and sustainably produced but also naturally pink from antioxidants. The brand’s logo is a declaration of confidence, with its name in bold, all-caps, sans-serif letters of varying sizes against a stark black background. This design choice signifies the brand’s strong and dependable nature.


Naked logo

Naked’s offering in the coconut water market is part of its broader, preservative-free, and health-oriented Naked Juice brand. The logo captures the essence of fluidity and the rhythm of nature with its wavy blue banner. A friendly, rounded font accompanied by a green leaf accent on the ‘e’ beautifully highlights the brand’s pledge to natural health and well-being.

O Organics

O Organics logo

Within the competitive landscape of organic offerings, O Organics, a distinguished line presented by Safeway and its affiliates, continues to set the gold standard with its coconut water, rigorously adhering to the highest USDA organic criteria to ensure unparalleled purity and quality. The brand’s logo ingeniously blends a gradient from a sunny yellow to a vibrant green within the contours of a bold ‘O’, symbolizing the essence of sunlight fostering growth and vitality. This is complemented by the word “organics,” rendered in a steadfast blue, which not only anchors the logo’s design but also conveys a foundation of trustworthiness and reliability. This sits against a backdrop that is modern and segmented into color blocks, striking a balance between tradition and contemporary design ethos.


O.N.E. logo

In the realm of hydration, O.N.E. stands as a vanguard, heralding its coconut water as not just a beverage but a beacon of health and vitality, thanks to its sourcing from the verdant groves of the Philippines and Brazil. This strategy ensures a product brimming with natural electrolytes, vital for hydration and well-being. The brand’s identity is vividly captured in its logo, “O.N.E. energizing hydration”, where bold uppercase letters meet a life-affirming green leaf, creating a dynamic contrast with the softer lowercase letters. This design choice not only underscores the brand’s energetic and dynamic nature but also aligns with its mission to invigorate and refresh.

Once Upon a Coconut

Once Upon a Coconut logo

Blending the art of storytelling with the science of hydration, Once Upon a Coconut offers a narrative-rich coconut water that stands out for its natural sweetness and ethical sourcing. The brand’s logo invites intrigue and engagement, featuring a playful font nestled within a speech bubble, a nod to the brand’s commitment to weaving tales. A coconut shell graphic is cleverly integrated, grounding the logo in the product’s core and celebrating the brand’s focus on coconut-derived hydration solutions.

Purity Organic

Purity Organic logo

Embarking on a mission to deliver the purest tastes nature can offer, Purity Organic dedicates itself to the principles of organic farming and sustainability. This commitment is eloquently reflected in the brand’s logo, a study in contrast with its black-and-white design highlighted by a single green leaf dotting the ‘i’. This design element not only emphasizes the brand’s dedication to natural, organic ingredients but also serves as a visual promise of purity and quality.

Real Coco

Real Coco logo

At the forefront of offering natural hydration solutions, Real Coco’s coconut water is lauded for its minimal processing and absence of any added ingredients, embodying the essence of what nature intended. The brand’s logo encapsulates this ethos, with a green script that crafts the ‘R’, echoing the curvature of a coconut and symbolizing a burst of natural flavor and vitality, indicative of the product’s freshness and quality.

Simple Truth

Simple Truth logo

Anchored in the values of simplicity and transparency, Simple Truth’s coconut water stands as a testament to the brand’s avoidance of artificial preservatives and flavors, offering a product that is as close to nature as possible. The brand’s logo employs a comforting green emblem, featuring a sprout growing over the ‘i’, a symbolic representation of honesty, organic growth, and the brand’s unwavering commitment to providing straightforward, natural hydration options.

Taste Nirvana

Taste Nirvana logo

Sourcing its coconut water from the famed Nam Hom coconuts of Thailand, Taste Nirvana offers a product distinguished by its exceptional sweetness and aromatic profile, a quality that has garnered it awards and a unique position in the market. The brand’s logo is a celebration of freshness and vitality, featuring a cheerful green circle that warmly encases the maroon-bannered brand name, all while being encircled by the motto “Happiness Inside.” This design reflects the brand’s promise of delivering not just a beverage, but an experience filled with joy and satisfaction.

Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe's logo

Expanding upon its commitment to provide distinctive and value-oriented grocery selections, Trader Joe’s coconut water epitomizes the brand’s dedication to offering refreshing beverage options that align perfectly with its private label assortment. The product exudes a vibrant energy and accessibility, attributes accentuated by the use of bold red letters in its logo. The playful serifs of the font ingeniously reflect Trader Joe’s unique approach to retail, embodying a spirit that is both inviting and unconventional. This coconut water not only promises a taste of the tropics but also seamlessly integrates into the brand’s ethos of bringing unique and affordable grocery items to its discerning customers.

Vita Coco

Vita Coco logo

As a brand that has achieved global recognition, Vita Coco stands at the forefront of introducing coconut water to a worldwide audience, transcending its tropical origins to become a staple source of hydration enriched with potassium and electrolytes. The strength and freshness of the product are vividly represented in its logo, which features royal blue letters. These letters artfully incorporate illustrations of coconuts into the ‘O’s, crafting a visual identity that conveys the brand’s essence—robust and refreshing. Vita Coco’s commitment to delivering a healthful and invigorating drink is mirrored in every aspect of its branding, making it a leader in the coconut water market.


Zico logo

Zico has become a household name for delivering the intrinsic health benefits of coconut water to a broad audience, earning the loyalty of athletes and health aficionados alike. Its electrolyte-packed beverage is renowned for promoting hydration and well-being. The brand’s dedication to offering a pure and premium quality product is brilliantly encapsulated in its logo, which is adorned with cool blue lettering. The logo prominently features the slogan “PURE PREMIUM COCONUT WATER,” succinctly conveying Zico’s core message. This tagline, combined with the brand’s visual identity, underscores its commitment to purity, quality, and the promotion of health through hydration, positioning Zico as a trusted name in the realm of healthful beverages.


The exploration of the best coconut water brands and logos has illuminated a diverse landscape of options catering to various preferences and health considerations. With brands like Amy & Brian leading the charge, consumers are presented with products that emphasize the pure, authentic taste of coconut water, derived from young green coconuts, without the addition of artificial flavors or sweeteners. This makes for a beverage that not only offers a refreshing taste but also a rich blend of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, including magnesium, calcium, and sodium, which are essential for rehydration, especially after physical activities.

The comparison also highlights the innovative variations available in the market, such as sparkling coconut water and flavors infused with pineapple, mango, and caffeine, providing a delightful twist to the traditional coconut flavor. For those conscious about their health and environmental footprint, options that are non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan offer peace of mind, knowing that their beverage choice supports not just their well-being but also ethical production practices.

Furthermore, the role of coconut water as a natural alternative to sports drinks is undeniable. With fewer calories, natural sugars, and a significant amount of pulp, it’s an excellent choice for athletes and fitness enthusiasts looking for a drink that quenches thirst, provides essential nutrients, and aids in quick recovery. Its compatibility with smoothies also makes it a versatile ingredient for those looking to boost their intake of fruits and vegetables.

Ultimately, whether you’re reaching for a bottle at your local grocery store or integrating it into your dietary regimen, the best tasting coconut water brands offer a plethora of benefits over traditional fruit juices and beverages. They strike a delicate balance between offering a refreshing taste and ensuring that the body receives the vitamins, minerals, and hydration it needs, making coconut water a staple in the pursuit of a healthy, active lifestyle.