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Vietnam car brands

What is Vietnam Car Brands?
There aren’t too many car brands in Vietnam. Some of the more famous include Vinfast and Mekong. And only the former makes their own cars.

Vietnam is considered one of the poorer places when it comes to manufacturing. A lot of these are compact car manufacturers, created for the sprawling urban population. The later car brands are also more modern, reflecting the needs of a growing richer class. In short, there aren’t too many makers, and most of them are independent.


logo Vinaxuki

Vinaxuki is a carmaker from Vietnam, established in 2005. They made a variety of cars until their dissolution in 2015. It included utility cars, vans, the usual passenger cars and even trucks. It was generally one of the country’s lesser brands. They had a badge of sorts, which was a tall shield with a downward pike. But they also used just their name for identification purposes.


logo Mekong

Mekong Auto is a Vietnamese carmaker, established in 1991 or 1992. They don’t produce any of their own brands, they have none. It’s mostly a manufacturer of imported cars. It includes Fiat vehicles and South Korean models (mostly compact cars). There was a time when they developed an off-roader in the 90s, but it came to nothing. Their logo used three interconnected rings inside an oval, similar to Audi.

La Dalat (Sud Du Vietnam)

logo La Dalat

La Dalat was one of the subsidiaries of Citroen. It was a Vietnamese carmaker in the 70s. They are mostly known for making small utility cars, like Citroen FAF. They weren’t too successful, and there isn’t a lot of info on this company, aside from some La Dalat cars that still exist. Besides FAFs, it also includes some off-roaders. Their emblems were mostly just Citroen symbols.


logo TMT


logo Vinfast

Vinfast is a Vietnamese carmaker, established in 2017. They’ve made quite a few cars in this time. Some of the more prominent include executive (luxury) cars. Interestingly, there are also some electric-driven models. Besides them, Vinfast also made crossovers. Their emblem is a sort of downward arrowhead made of metal.