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Spanish car brands

Spain is one of the largest car manufacturers in Europe. It produces various vehicles from affordable to luxury ones. The whole list includes different cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles and vans. Spain exports its vehicles to different countries of the world in all continents.


logo Abadal

Abadal was a Spanish luxury car from the beginning of 20th century. It was being produced between 1912 and 1923. It was being manufactured for the account of a Spanish businessman Francisco Abadal. There were two models of Abadal, produced for all time. One of them had a 3104 cc four-cylinder engine. Another had a 4521 cc six-cylinder engine.


logo IFR Aspid

Aspid is a Spanish company, based in Reus, Catalonia. It was founded in 2003. The company produces generally sports and luxury cars. The name of the company comes from the viper species of northern Spain, where the company is based. On the Aspid’s logo we can see a snake. It is drawn in contours. The company name was executed in custom black sans-serif font. All this is on yellow background.


logo Benimar

Benimar is a Spanish company located in Peñíscola. It was established in 1984. Now it’s one of the largest car manufacturers in Spain. It exports its production in various countries of Europe. The company’s logo depicts just its name. It is written in a simple lowercase font with rounded letters.


logo GTA Motor

Spania GTA is a Spanish company, which appeared in 1994. It is focused on designing and producing of sports cars. The company’s logo depicts a shield with black lion in its upper white part. Below it, there is a red area with checkered white pattern. In the middle of the logo, there is the word ‘Spania’ of a black sans serif font in the white zone. The word ‘GTA’ of white color is placed in the red area.


logo Hispano-Suiza

Hispano-Suiza (In English ‘Spanish-Swiss’) is a company, founded in 1904 and based Barcelona, Spain. The company produces and sells generally luxury cars. But also in the list of its products are trucks, aircraft engines and weapons. On the brand’s logotype, there is their name, written in a handy font. Also, there is a gray image of an eagle’s wings with circle in the center. It features the flags of Spain and Switzerland.


logo Seat

SEAT S. A. is a Spanish car manufacturer. It designs, produces and distributes its vehicles across the world under Seat and Cupra car brands. It was founded in Barcelona, 1950. Now it is the largest compact car company in Spain, which is a part of Volkswagen Group. The company’s logo is just a black letter S. It is split in two parts by a white line.


logo Tramontana

Tramontana is a Spanish brand of single or two-seat sports cars. It was designed especially for racings and launched in 2007. It’s one of the most successful car brands of a company-manufacturer, Advanced Design Tramontana. It is located in Girona, Catalonia, Spain. Its logo depicts the silver-colored emblem looking like a flaming. Also there was the elegant serif inscription ‘Tramontana a.d.’.


logo Hurtan

Hurtan is an automotive company, based in Grenada, Spain. Since the foundation in 1991, the company focuses on development and production of sports and business cars. They’re all styled as 1920s-30s vehicles. Hurtan’s logo depicts the name with custom serif typeface, where H has lines coming out of it and encompassing half of the word. All other letters are connected to each other by lines. Sometimes, below it there is full company name – ‘Hurtan Desarrollos S.L.’.

Tauro Sport Auto

logo Tauro Sport Auto

Tauro Sport Auto is a Spanish manufacturer of luxury sports cars. It is based in Valladolid, founded in 2010. Now the company distributes its cars across the world. Its logo depicts an angry black bull. It is standing in the center of a red-gold & black circle. Across it there are the golden name of the company and two willows.


logo Cupra

Cupra is a brand and company of high-performance racing cars. It’s owned and distributed by one of the Spain’s largest car manufacturers Seat. Cupra first appeared in 1985. Now it’s one of the most successful racing brands in the world. Its logo depicts the X-like 3D symbol of the black color. Below it we can see brand’s name of the futuristic font.


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