Philips Logo

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Starting from 1938, the Philips logo has been using the same visual metaphor, and basically has been staying very much the same.

Meaning and history

Philips is one of the world’s large companies that are very loyal to its roots and do not like experiments with its identity. The worldwide known brand has had only two redesigns of its logo throughout the years, keeping the style and character of the company.

1938 — 1968

The original Philips logo was introduced in 1938 and featured a sleek golden crest with its bottom line rounded. Inside the crest, there was a dark red circle with three horizontal wavy lines and four four-pointed stars — two in the upper left part of the circle, and two in the bottom right one. Above the red part of the logo, there was a blue horizontally stretched rectangular with a white wordmark located. The inscription in all capitals was executed in a narrowed yet bold sans serif typeface, where tall letters looked neat yet confident and modern.

1968 — 2008

The redesign of 1968 brought a new image to the brand, and the logo, which became a predecessor of today’s one, was introduced. The bold blue wordmark in all capitals of a strong yet simple sans-serif typeface was placed on a white background without any additional and graphical elements. The typeface of the inscription was very close to such fonts as Town 50 Chic Black and Dazzle Unicase Bold.

2008 — Today

In 2008 the logo was refined, by elevating its blue color to a brighter and more intense shade and by modifying lines of the letters. The symbols became shorter and bolder, and the horizontal bar of the letter “L” gained a delicate diagonal cut. The typeface of the nee Philips logotype is similar to such fonts as Achates Heavy and Tanseek Sans Pro Regular.

The 2013 emblem

The current version is the result of collaboration between the in-house designer team, Interbrand, Ogilvy, and OneVoice. The slightly modified shield adopted a small bulge on the top, while the star “rays” grew softer. Also, one wave was removed, and the shield was filled with color.


The wordmark sports uniform all-cap characters in a sans-serif typeface. The insignia formed in its present form as far back as the 1920s, and only subtle modifications have been made since then.


The emblem has been featuring blue since 2008, with minor shifts of the shade.