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The was created by a team of six people: Aleksei, Irina, Jana, Vladimir, Anna, Igor and Nastia. We have been around for many years, pleasing you with popular and exciting stories about logos from around the globe. We use tons of information sources written in different languages about logos’ history, symbols, emblems and fonts, and we unify all this into just one exciting and readable post. We arrange photos and graphic images of logos chronologically and in different formats, and we keep track of changes and promptly amend our posts when necessary.

If you find any error, please, contact us, and we will take steps to correct it ASAP.

For businesses

If you would like to share information about your business and your logo in different formats on the website, we are ready to help you. If you are a non-profit organization you can post information for free. If not, please, read on.

For advertising customers

We can write and post information about your brand or website on these pages. You can share this information with us. It will be there as long as the website exists. Now we have about 700 000 visitors each month. By posting an article on the, you make your brand’s future.


Aleksei Titov is the owner and publisher of 1000Logos ( website. He was in charge of Litera online book store creation in 2002 and managed several successful projects, including a town portal, medical portal, and a few other sites that still work. After that, he decided to create a database of logotypes & brands describing their meaning and history.




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