Nigerian car brands – manufacturer car companies, logos

Nigerian car brands
Nigeria is a growing as a place for car manufacturers. They don’t have any big brands, but there are now several significant producers that provide African-built cars for the several neighboring countries and Nigeria itself. Only a handful of such companies exist now, however.


logo IVM

Innosson Vehicles Manufacturing is a Nigerian company, founded in 2007. They mainly assemble cars from Chinese and Japanese producers for the local customers. That includes crossovers, passenger cars and some scooters. Their logo is a turquoise oval with the letters ‘IVM’ written in white on them. The font consists of tall letters with small serifs. There is also a full company name used in conjunction with the emblem, although the font there is a sans-serif style instead.

Izuogu Z-600

Izuogu Z-600 is famous as the first truly Nigerian car to ever enter development. The project was started in 1997, and it was supposed to be a compact car for an everyday Nigerian. The production later entered a problematic period. Nowadays, Z-600 has all but stopped development. The car didn’t really have any emblem. There were some conceptual designs, but the car itself never left the stage of a prototype.


logo Proforce

Proforce is a Nigerian vehicle manufacturer, established in 2000s. They mostly make armored vehicles. That includes armored crossovers and military vehicles that withstand bullets and explosions. Their usual emblem is an image of a scope crosshair made from white and burgundy bits. It’s often used as an ‘O’ in the company wordmark. There, the name is written in the same colors using regular a sans-serif font.

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