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Colorado Mammoth, Denver’s box lacrosse team, has the best players and a loyal community of their supporters. Their indoor season spans through the winter and all the way to April, with an attendance average of more than 15 thousand each game. Although the team has many players who allowed it to achieve immense success, it is worth noting the legendary player – John Grant Jr. He is strongly associated with the team and brings even more fame to it.

Meaning and History

Since their appearance in 2003, the Mammoth have made a name for themselves as one of the league’s top teams. They won division titles in 2003, 2004, and 2007 in addition to winning the NLL championship in 2006. Out of all seasons, they missed only two when it comes to making it to the NLL playoffs. In 2022, the Mammoth made it to the NLL Finals for the first time in 16 years. Their mascot name and look were inspired by the woolly mammoth, an extinct species of mammoth, which is considered a vital defender of earth.

What is Colorado Mammoth?
Colorado Mammoth is Denver’s professional box lacrosse team, competing in the NLL. Games are always well-attended because it is one of the best teams in the NLL. The Mammoth club has a strong commitment to Colorado youth lacrosse.

2001/02 – Today

Colorado Mammoth Logo

The logo of the team consists of a stylized name. They chose a bold and daring color palette for their logo, which consists of burgundy, silver, and black. The striking colors are enhanced by a creative, dynamic, and impressive logo design. The letter “M” is drawn to look like the two tusks of the great and powerful animal – the mammoth. The rest of the word “Mammoth” is printed on a black rectangular ribbon. The words “Colorado” above and “Lacrosse” below create a symmetrical image.

Font and Color

Colorado Mammoth Emblem

The logo uses a sans-serif font with thick strokes for the “Mammoth” portion of the name. It features straight cuts and also uses pointed elements to create a more striking effect. The other lines use a sans-serif font that resembles Knockout No. 74 Full Sumo font. All the letters in the whole name are capitalized to create a more impressive image.

A burgundy, black, and white color palette is used to create a very powerful image. The first color is used to symbolize ambitions and power. Black is also a strong color that also looks sophisticated and formal. The white adds a bright detail and evokes a sense of perfection.

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