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African car brands

Africa is not rich with independent carmakers, simply because the continent doesn’t have any prominent background of designing vehicles. Many big companies are just assembling businesses or subsidiaries of brands from abroad, but you could also find several fully-fledged carmaker companies.


logo Mobius Motors

Mobius Motors is a car manufacturer from Kenya, founded in 2010. The current production line includes two cars. Both of them are bulky crossovers fit for off-road driving and considered luxury for the market. Their emblem is a silver image of a Mobius strip with three corners.


logo Proforce

Proforce is a prominent Nigerian carmaker, established in 2008. The company focuses of making armored and protected vehicles. The list includes different models, as well as civilian and military variations. The company’s logo is a red-white crosshair + their name with this detail instead of the second ‘o’.


logo Wallyscar

Walllyscar (or Wallys) is a carmaker from Tunisia, operating since 2006. The bulk of their products are SUVs fit for off-road use. The company is considered a low-volume manufacturer with just several hundred cars produced each year. Their emblem is a metal image that resembles a letter ‘W’.


logo Kiira

Kiira is a car manufacturer from Uganda, established by the government in 2014. Since then, they mostly focused on building buses. Besides these, the list includes several regular car models. The emblem is a circle, painted in Uganda colors and with an image of their national bird in the middle.


logo Birkin

Birkin is a South African car manufacturer, established in 1982. It’s a relatively low-volume producer of sports cars that mainly builds variants of old Lotus models. As of now, they’ve developed a small number of such modifications. The base for most was Lotus Super 7.


logo Paramount

Paramount was a small carmaker in the 50s. They primarily made compact 2-seat roadsters. They pretty much just made 2 models in their time. Just below 100 of these were made.


logo IVEMA

IVEMA is a South African car manufacturer, established in the 90s. They produce a handful of military vehicles. That includes weapon stations and tactical, armored vehicles. IVEMA is a low-volume manufacturer with some hundreds of produced models each year.


logo URI

URI Purposely Built Vehicles is a car manufacturer from South Africa. The company was founded in 1995. The bulk of URI vehicles are off-road cars. That also includes several pickup models.


logo Bailey

Bailey is a car manufacturer from South Africa, established in 2003. They don’t build their own cars. Rather, the company is focused on building replicas of the classic racing cars, such as Ford GT40 and Rover P4. There are some more of such models available for purchase, and Bailey also make components for them.


logo Harper

Harper is a South African carmaker. It was originally established in 2004 in Botswana, but the production moved to South Africa later. The company makes sports cars, meant mainly for racing. They are also usable for urban driving, however.


logo Laraki

Laraki is a Moroccan car manufacturer, founded in 1999. They chiefly make fast sports car; there have been 3 models released since the company’s inception. They are mostly original makes, although the engines are almost always foreign. Laraki uses a wing with a sharp tip as an emblem.


logo Menara

Menara (aka CANAM) is a car brand from Morocco, founded in 1972. They’ve been pretty much making retro vehicles since then. The list includes some models, but there is just one flagman model, called Menara WSC. It’s a luxury model inspired by ‘Casablanca’.


logo Kantanka

Kantanka is a car manufacturer from Ghana, founded in 1994. The primary job is to assemble models designed by other brands (largely Chinese companies). These models include luxury crossovers, basic sedans and some utility cars. The only worthwhile car Kantanka themselves designed is a crossover called Otumfuo.

Saroukh El-Jamahiriya

logo Saroukh El-Jamahiriya

Saroukh El-Jamahiriya is a Lybian car prototype, presented in 2009. It was supposed to be a luxury limousine, designed to celebrate the 30 years of Libyan Revolution. Because of it, they chose the model to be green (the color of that event). It wasn’t too successful in the end and the production broke apart.

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