Advil Logo PNG

Advil is an American brand of anti-inflammatory medication, based on ibuprofen. The brand was introduced in 1984 and today is distributed in the USA, France, and Israel. It is being produced by Pfizer.

Meaning and history

The Advil visual identity is bright and strong. The brand has many variations of medication, produced in different forms and different packaging, so the product’s logo has to look confident on any of them.

The Advil wordmark is executed in extra bold ITC Grouch typeface with a thin black shadow. Executed in yellow, it reflects happiness and relief when the pain is gone after taking a pill.

Placed on a sea-blue background the wordmark created a good contrast and makes the logo instantly recognizable.

The Advil color palette represents the brand as a reliable and trustworthy one, evokes a feeling of professionalism and authority, as well as care and security.

It is a simple minimalist text-based logo, which makes the brand’s medications stand out on the shelf and add a sense of expertise to the brand.