15+ Best Canned Chili Pepper Manufacturers Brands and Logos

In the dynamic tapestry of global cuisine, there lies a spicy thread that weaves its way through countless cultures and kitchens: canned chili peppers. These fiery pods, preserved at their peak, have become a cornerstone of culinary innovation, allowing flavors to transcend seasons and borders. This article delves into the fervent world of brands that have mastered the art of canning chili peppers, each with its unique zest and fervor.

From the storied shelves of family-run businesses to the expansive aisles of multinational corporations, canned chili peppers are a testament to the universal language of taste. They embody a culinary paradox – timeless in their appeal yet constantly evolving in their use. A pantry staple, they stand ready to unleash heat upon any dish, inviting a dance of flames upon the palate. The brands that bring these peppers to our tables are as varied as the peppers themselves, each harboring a history as rich and nuanced as the flavors they encapsulate.

These brands, some of which have nurtured their fiery crops for over a century, are not merely food producers, they are the custodians of heritage and the purveyors of piquancy. They cater to a world where the demand for quick, versatile ingredients is ever-rising, and the love for a good kick of chili remains undiminished. In this exploration, we pay homage to these titans of taste, the champions of chili, who bottle the essence of heat and serve it up for the world to savor.


Amy’s is a brand with a very simple yet stylish visual identity, which is based only on the name of the label, and a super minimalistic color palette. The handwritten wordmark is set diagonally on a plain white background and has medium-thick bars with softened ends. The inscription is set in black, hence the main designer’s idea here is the shape of the characters and their elongated slightly curved lines. Amy’s brand looks truly progressive and professional.

Amy’s stands out for its commitment to organic chili peppers and a meticulously crafted blend of spices that imbue dishes with an unparalleled depth of flavor. This recipe, enriched with the smoky nuances of chipotle and the hearty essence of beef, is a testament to Amy’s dedication to quality. The inclusion of olive oil and chicken broth adds a layer of richness, making each jar a versatile addition to any meal, from robust stews to savory soups. Amy’s chili is not just food; it’s a warm, inviting embrace in a pack, perfect for those seeking the comfort of a home-cooked meal.


It’s hard to imagine a more iconic logo for canned products than the Campbells one, as this badge was popularized by one of the most famous artists of the 20th century, Andy Warhol. It is a neat dark-red lettering in the title case of a stylized script font with interesting shapes of the capital “C” and the lowercase “E”. The contours of the characters are very clean and distinctive, and the slight inclination of the wordmark to the right evokes a sense of friendliness and represents the high quality of the product one can find inside the Campbells can.

Campbell’s chili takes the traditional chili con carne to new heights with its rich mixture of red pepper, jalapeno peppers, and a hearty beef base. Enhanced with McCormick chili powder and a dash of cayenne pepper, it delivers a spicy flavor that is both complex and inviting. This blend is simmered in a savory chicken broth, ensuring that each spoonful is bursting with flavor. Ideal for warming up during snowstorms, Campbell’s chili is a pantry staple for those who appreciate a meal that is both satisfying and easy to prepare. Each oz is a promise of quality, making it a wise purchase for those who value flavor and convenience.

Casa Fiesta

The Casa Fiesta logo is bright and elegant. Due to the chosen color palette, based on a scarlet-red, and a smooth light-gold gradient, the badge of the brand evokes a warm feeling, which always works well with foods. The badge features a horizontally-oriented solid red banner with a thin golden frame, accenting its complicated shape. The name of the brand is written in gradient gold-to-white cursive font with thick lines, elegantly curved, and representing Casa Fiesta at its best.

Casa Fiesta offers a chili pepper experience that is both authentic and bold, thanks to its unique use of ancho and espelette pepper. This blend is a celebration of spicy flavor, perfectly complemented by olive oil and a curated selection of herbs, making it a standout ingredient for marinades and sauces. The chili’s versatility is unmatched, providing a base that enhances the taste of traditional dishes and encourages culinary experimentation. For those looking to bring a touch of heat to their meals, Casa Fiesta’s chili is an essential addition to the spice rack, promising a flavorful adventure with every bite.


Chilli Man is a brand of canned chili peppers with a very cool visual identity. It is super laconic and minimalistic, but the overall style, and the shape of each line in the black inscription — make the logo look sleek and progressive. The badge is composed of just a bold narrowed cursive lettering written slightly diagonally over a plain white background. Each of the characters in the wordmark is sharp and distinctive, looking bold and evoking a sense of excellence and determination.

Chili enthusiasts celebrate ChilliMan for its prize-winning chili seasoning and ready-to-eat selections, all rich in flavor and crafted from quality ingredients.

The ChilliMan logo exudes a sense of excitement and movement with its italicized, cursive script that seems to dance across the viewer’s vision, just like the brand’s zesty flavors dance on the palate. The logo’s playful, fluid script and the emphatic underline suggest a brand that doesn’t take itself too seriously, yet is confident in the quality of its chili products. Its simplicity in black and white conveys a straightforward message: ChilliMan is all about the essence of chili, without any frills or distractions.

Dennison’s Chili

The Dennison’s Chili logo is very traditional and elegant. The badge is based on an arched narrow banner with a gradient red background, that looks like a satin ribbon. The banner is outlined in black and gold, and accompanied by a small golden “Since 1915” lettering on top of it. As for the main element of the logo, the wordmark, it is written along the red ribbon in bold white title case characters of a sleek serif typeface, with each letter boasting black shadows. The elegance of the shapes in this logo is perfectly balanced by the traditional and chic color palette, and this combination makes up a logo full of excellence.

Dennison’s Chili, with its rich history and robust flavors, has been offering a variety of chili styles that promise a home-cooked taste since its establishment.

Dennison’s Chili presents a logo that resonates with tradition, featuring a maroon and golden palette that suggests richness and quality. The curvature of the letters, coupled with a shadow effect, adds depth, insinuating a robust flavor profile that the brand is known for. “Since 1915” stands proudly atop, a testament to over a century of culinary history, highlighting the enduring legacy of Dennison’s. The use of a classic serif font in the logo suggests a nod to its longstanding tradition, while the overarching swoop above the name imbues a sense of pride and heritage. This logo doesn’t just represent a brand, it narrates a storied history of American chili.


The visual identity of the healthy food brand Gardein is all about the freshness and beneficial qualities of the product. First of all, this is achieved by the chosen color palette, composed of green, white, and black. Green here is the main shade, despite the fact, that the most significant part of the logo is set in black. As for the composition, it is quite simple — a horizontally-oriented black banner with a thin green line at the bottom and a small green leaf in the upper left part. The lowercase white lettering is written along the ribbon in a softened serif font, which looks friendly and reliable.

Gardein revolutionizes the plant-based food industry with a variety of meat-free products, providing delicious and sustainable alternatives for both vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

Gardein’s logo is a statement of modernity and sustainability, with its clean, sans-serif typography and a vibrant green leaf emblem that speaks to the plant-based nature of its products. The contrast between the black background and white lettering is stark, symbolizing the brand’s clear commitment to providing meat-free alternatives. The leaf graphic gently arching over the brand’s name not only underscores its plant-based mission but also adds an organic touch to the overall design. “Plant-Based Protein” is highlighted beneath the main logo, reinforcing Gardein’s dedication to offering nutritious and environmentally friendly options. This logo encapsulates a forward-thinking approach to food, aligning with contemporary values of health and eco-consciousness.


Herdez is the brand of canned food with a bright and intense, yet quite minimalistic logo. The badge features just two lines of lettering on a transparent background with no graphical additions. The main line boasts a bold enlarged “Herdez” inscription in red, written in a stylized sans-serif typeface with some of the angles softened, and the diagonal bar of the “R” featuring a leaf shape. The wordmark is accompanied by a green “Con Toda Confianza es”, which is translated from Spanish as “With all the Confidence”, written in small capitals of a traditional sans-serif font above it.

As one of the leading brands in Mexican cuisine, Herdez guarantees authenticity in every product, celebrating traditional flavors and high-quality ingredients. The Herdez logo features bold, red letters that are simple yet powerful, with a confident green tagline stating “Con toda confianza es” which translates to “With all trust is”, reinforcing the brand’s reputation for authenticity in Mexican cuisine. The stark contrast of red and white emphasizes the brand’s straightforward approach to delivering traditional flavors. The green accents not only represent the colors of the Mexican flag but also symbolize the freshness of the ingredients used in their products, asserting Herdez’s commitment to quality.

Hormel Chili

The Hormel Chili visual identity is bright and eye-catching. The main thing about this logo is, of course, its color palette, composed of intense shades of yellow and red. The bold shadowed “Hormel Chili” lettering in bright yellow is written on a background with a vertically-oriented rectangular banner in solid red. The bottom of the banner is stylized as if it were a page of a calendar, with the “Since 1891” datemark set under the main inscription in dark yet blurred letters, repeating the shade of the characters’ shadows.

Hormel Chili is synonymous with rich, meaty chili that’s been a beloved part of American cuisine since the company was founded, offering convenience without sacrificing taste. The Hormel Chili logo is boldly presented with yellow letters casting a deep shadow against a fiery red background, capturing the essence of their hearty chili. The font is assertive and strong, with a playful tilt to the letter ‘o’, hinting at the brand’s approachable and family-friendly image. “Since 1891” is prominently displayed, grounding the brand in a deep-rooted history of American tradition. The color scheme evokes the heat and zest of the chili itself, while the logo’s substantial presence on the can promises a satisfying meal.


Another brand, which uses a red and yellow color palette for its logo is Nalley. Here the red banner is stylized as a cutlery with a playful circular handle on top. The white title case lettering is written along the red element, while the “Fine Foods Since 1918” inscription is set in small red capitals on a rectangular yellow badge, placed on top of the composition and overlapped by the red handle. It is a very cozy and friendly logo, which is associated with a warm family dinner.

Nalley has a storied tradition in the Pacific Northwest, serving up homestyle flavors and quality food products, including their well-known chili, since the early 20th century. Nalley’s logo is classic and straightforward, utilizing a deep red oval emblem to convey its rich and long-standing history in fine foods. “Since 1918”, featured on a sunny yellow banner, highlights the brand’s longstanding commitment to quality. The typeface is simple and unassuming, suggesting that the brand lets its products speak for themselves. The red and yellow color combination is appetizing, evoking images of hearty, flavorful dishes that Nalley has been known for over a century.

Old El Paso

The Old El Paso food brand visual identity is probably one of the most recognizable in the canned products category. It is a gradient yellow banner with the sides arched from the center and the top part stylized as an old rolled roof. The name of the brand is written against the yellow background in a warm terracotta shade repeating the tone of the tiles above it. Under the arched wordmark, there is a drawing with the desert landscape and two cactuses, underlined by the “Established 1938” in small capitals of a modern sans-serif font.

Specializing in Mexican-style food products, Old El Paso has been an ambassador of Tex-Mex cuisine since 1938, offering everything from canned chili peppers to complete meal kits.

Old El Paso’s logo is evocative of the desert landscape, with warm yellow and red tones that speak to the brand’s Mexican culinary heritage. The emblem features iconic southwestern imagery, including a mesa and cacti, encapsulated within a yellow border that resembles a traditional Mexican design. “ESTABLISHED 1938” is proudly displayed, suggesting a long history of bringing Mexican flavors to tables around the world. The tiled roof above the brand name adds an element of authenticity, hinting at the homestyle origins of their products. The logo feels like a sunset in the desert, warm and inviting, promising delicious meals with genuine Mexican flavors.

Skyline Chili

The Skyline Chili visual identity resembles an image from comics about the adventures of superheroes. Built in a bright color palette, the logo features a horizontally-oriented oval shape with the dark blue city landscape drawn on a white background and accompanied by a yellow script “Skyline” handwritten in its bottom part and underlined by a rounded red banner with the white uppercase “Chili” on it. The letters in the “Chili” are set quite far from each other. As for the yellow of the main wordmark, it is supported by a yellow outline of the whole emblem.

Skyline Chili, a Cincinnati icon since 1949, serves a unique style of chili over spaghetti, a regional favorite known as Cincinnati chili, enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. The Skyline Chili logo showcases a vibrant cityscape set against a deep blue background, encircled by a bright yellow oval. The skyline silhouette gives a nod to the brand’s Cincinnati roots, where this unique style of chili was born. The script for ‘Skyline’ is whimsical and friendly, while ‘CHILI’ is presented in a more straightforward, bold red font that stands out for easy recognition. “EST.1949” anchors the logo with a sense of history and establishment, promising generations of flavor and tradition.

Stagg Chili

The Stagg Chili visual identity looks super similar to the logo of the famous TV show, The Stranger Things. It uses the same bold and shark serif typeface and a minimalistic black-on-white color palette. However, there is also a significant difference — the shape and disposition of the wordmark’s parts. The “Stagg” is enlarged and placed above the “Chili”, arched from the center, while the smaller “Chili” has its basic line straight, and the top — arched, repeating the contour of the “Stagg” level.

Stagg Chili, coined as “The Chili Lover’s Chili,” has been satisfying hearty appetites with its rich, meaty chili recipes full of robust flavors since it first hit the market. Stagg Chili’s logo presents a bold contrast with its stark black lettering set against a clean background. The font is a mix of gothic and western, suggesting a robust and hearty flavor profile befitting of a chili that prides itself on being “The Chili Lover’s Chili.” The stylized ‘G’ at the end of ‘STAGG’ adds a unique touch, reinforcing the brand’s individuality and standing out in a sea of chili brands. This logo commands attention, much like the assertive taste of Stagg’s chili recipes.

Tony Packo’s

The Tony Packo’s visual identity looks very Mexican. The logo of the brand is a yellow roundel with a triple framing in red, white, and yellow, and the internal ornament, repeating a contour of the medallion and is formed by short and straight red lines. The name of the brand is written in two levels — with the bold green “Tony” in a geometric sans-serif typeface placed above the stylized red “Packo’s” with a green outline and a thick red arched underline. The wordmark is accompanied by an image of a red chili pepper right under it.

Tony Packo’s has cemented its place in culinary history with Hungarian-inspired recipes and famously delectable chili, a Toledo staple recognized nationwide since 1932. Tony Packo’s logo exudes a fun and festive vibe with its sunny yellow backdrop and playful green script, which is reminiscent of the lively atmosphere of its restaurants. The logo is adorned with a chili pepper and a star, hinting at the brand’s famous chili and Hungarian specialties. The script flows with an almost musical quality, suggesting the rich cultural heritage that Tony Packo’s brings to its food offerings. This logo promises a flavorful and enjoyable experience, much like the memorable meals that have made Tony Packo’s a beloved institution.

Trader Joe’s

The logo of the Trader Joe’s brand is a stylized pinkish-red lettering set on a plain white background with no graphical additions. The main thing about this badge is the typeface, which was designed exclusively for the brand and doesn’t have any commercial analogs. The bold uppercase characters feature cartoonish shapes with the flared ends of the thick bars and thin sharp serifs, mainly diagonal, which create a sense of motion and determination. The color of the logo also plays a significant role, evoking a sense of warmth, love, and passion.

Trader Joe’s, a beloved chain of neighborhood grocery stores, has been offering an eclectic array of foods and ingredients, including their own brand of canned chili, since 1958. The Trader Joe’s logo is characterized by a simple yet bold red font that reflects a playful and unpretentious brand personality. The font has a vintage feel, reminiscent of old-fashioned handwritten signage that might have adorned the storefronts of neighborhood markets in bygone eras. The apostrophe adds a personal touch, as though the brand is someone familiar you might know. This logo reflects the store’s ethos of offering unique and interesting products at affordable prices, emphasizing a friendly and welcoming shopping experience.

Wolf Brand Chili

The Wolf Brand Chili visual identity resembles a banner above a western saloon, due to the use of a wishbone style and the composition of the logo. The extra-bold three-leveled lettering is written against a gradient red rectangular banner and decorated by thin golden lines, two gold five-pointed stars on the sides, and the elegant cursive “Since 1895” datemark written between two thin golden horizontal lines at the very top of the banner. The traditional design of the logo evokes a sense of reliability and excellence.

With roots dating back to 1895, Wolf Brand Chili embodies the bold spirit of Texas cuisine, delivering a thick and flavorful chili that has become a staple in the Southern pantry. Wolf Brand Chili’s logo is as robust and hearty as the product it represents, featuring a deep red, leather-textured background with a bold, western-style font that conveys a sense of the rustic and the rugged. “Since 1895” is proudly emblazoned on the top, signifying the brand’s long-standing history and tradition in making authentic Texan chili. The use of the star accents reflects the brand’s Texan roots and conveys a sense of quality and excellence, inviting customers to experience a taste of Texas tradition.

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