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Barbaras is a traditional sweet delicacy, primarily made from puffed wheat, sugar, and honey. It was created in Lithuania as a part of the Kūčios, the traditional Christmas Eve dinner in Lithuanian culture. This dish is particularly prepared for Kūčios to honor the souls of ancestors. Its uniqueness lies in its simple yet rich composition and its deep cultural significance, serving as a bridge between the present and the past, celebrating family lineage and the continuity of life and traditions.

Meaning and history

Barbara’s, a pioneer in the natural foods movement, was founded in 1971 in Northern California by 17-year-old Barbara Jaffe. Fueled by a passion for wholesome, organic fare, Jaffe transformed her small bakery into a thriving business. Initially focusing on baking bread, the company expanded its horizons to include cereals and snacks. Barbara’s commitment to sustainability and health-conscious products resonated with a growing audience.

Over the years, the company gained acclaim for its innovative and tasty offerings like Puffins cereal, maintaining a steadfast dedication to using non-GMO and organic ingredients.

Barbara’s evolution mirrors the larger shift towards natural and responsible food production, reflecting a deep-rooted belief in environmental stewardship and the wellbeing of its consumers.

What is Barbaras?
Barbara’s is a renowned natural food company, celebrated for its nutritious and eco-friendly products. It stands out in the food industry for its commitment to organic ingredients and sustainability, offering a diverse range of wholesome cereals and snacks that cater to health-conscious consumers.


The logo presents a bold, cobalt blue speech bubble, encapsulating the word “BARBARAS” in a clean, white sans-serif font. Centered within the heart of the design is a solitary, petite red heart, symbolizing the brand’s love and care in creating its products. This emblem conveys a message of open dialogue, suggesting that the brand’s values and commitments are spoken from the heart.