Aramark Logo PNG

Aramark is a global leader in food, facilities, and uniform services for various institutions, including schools, hospitals, and businesses. Founded by Davre and Henry Davidson in California, it originally started as a vending company. Aramark was created to enhance service experiences in a wide range of environments, aiming to improve the quality of life for clients and customers by offering innovative services and solutions. Its evolution reflects a commitment to excellence and community impact.

Meaning and history

Aramark’s journey began in 1936, rooted in a small vending service in Los Angeles, founded by Davre and Henry Davidson. From its humble beginnings, it expanded, embracing innovation and service excellence. In 1959, it transformed, rebranding as ARA Services, a move symbolizing its broadened horizons beyond vending, diving into food services and facilities management. The 1990s marked a pivotal era, with Aramark emerging in its current name, reflecting its global aspirations. Throughout its evolution, Aramark has been driven by a commitment to enriching lives, focusing on sustainability, and fostering community engagement.

It stands as a testament to enduring values and a vision that transcends borders, serving millions worldwide in education, healthcare, and business sectors. This narrative is not just about a company’s growth but a story of innovation, adaptability, and impact on society.

What is Aramark?
Aramark stands as a beacon in the realm of service excellence, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions in food, facilities management, and uniforms across a global stage. Born from a vision to enrich everyday experiences in schools, hospitals, and workplaces, it intertwines innovation with a deep commitment to sustainability and community welfare, shaping the fabric of service industries worldwide.

1969 – 1994

The logo is a bold ensemble, encased in a vibrant red oval backdrop. It features “ARA” in capitalized, solid block letters, underscored by the word “SERVICES” in a narrower type, conveying a sense of robustness and reliability. Horizontal lines flank the company name, adding a touch of dynamism and structure, symbolizing the company’s foundation in organization and its forward-moving ethos. The simplicity of the black and white text against the red generates a striking contrast, crafting an image of confidence and energy.

1994 – 2013

In this iteration, the logo adopts a minimalistic yet dynamic design. The star-shaped figure with a human silhouette at its core in crimson suggests vitality and a human-centric approach. The word “ARAMARK” is presented in bold, capitalized, sans-serif typography, projecting strength and modernity. This logo’s clean lines and humanistic symbol reflect a brand geared towards progress and an emphasis on the human element in its services. The registered trademark symbol subtly conveys the company’s established reputation.

2013 – Today

The logo evolves subtly yet significantly. The word “aramark” now flows in lowercase, exuding a more approachable, modern vibe. The human figure and star retain their dynamic stance but now in a more streamlined and stylized form. This design softens the corporate image, suggesting a more accessible and friendly brand personality. The use of the trademark symbol instead of the registered mark may imply a recent change or a different legal status. Overall, the logo’s evolution speaks to a brand that values both progress and approachability.