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Ample Hills is a Brooklyn-based artisanal ice cream company crafting imaginative flavors. Focused on local markets with a love for storytelling through their treats, they’ve expanded beyond New York. Now owned by Schmitt Industries, they continue to create community-centered, whimsical ice cream experiences.

Meaning and history

Ample Hills Creamery, born in Brooklyn in 2011, began as a quaint neighborhood scoop shop. Founders Brian Smith and Jackie Cuscuna started with a passion for rich, creative ice cream and storytelling. Their success was rapid; by creating flavors inspired by local ingredients and culture, they quickly gained a following.

The company’s growth trajectory was steep, with multiple locations sprouting throughout New York, signaling a new chapter in the city’s ice cream saga. Their inventive flavors and commitment to community engagement became hallmarks of the brand.

However, rapid expansion came with challenges. In 2020, financial hurdles led Ample Hills to file for bankruptcy. It was a sobering turn for a company that had become synonymous with Brooklyn’s artisanal food movement.

The relaunch came when Schmitt Industries, a Portland-based company, acquired Ample Hills. This acquisition marked a fresh start, with the new owners committed to retaining the brand’s original charm while ensuring sustainable growth.

Under new ownership, Ample Hills has aimed to balance creative expression with business acumen, hoping to maintain its status as a beloved local institution while avoiding past financial pitfalls. With Schmitt’s support, Ample Hills continues to dish out whimsical and bold flavors, striving to remain an integral part of New York’s ice cream culture.


The emblem showcases the brand’s name in a robust, cherry-red font, conveying a sense of rich flavor and full-bodied taste. An ice cream cone illustration playfully peeks in from the right side, its scoop dyed a strawberry hue, suggestive of the variety of flavors on offer. Accompanying the cone is a duo of green leaves, subtly pointing to the company’s commitment to natural, plant-based ingredients in their frozen delights. This logo encapsulates the essence of Ample Hills — a brand dedicated to artisanal craftsmanship, imagination in flavor creation, and the joy of sharing a scoop of something special.

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