American Basketball Association Logo

American Basketball Association Logo PNG

American Basketball Association was a predecessor of the NBA. It was created in 1967 as a men’s basketball federation and ceased in 1976 because of the consolidation with the NBA.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the American Basketball Association is a celebration of patriotic mood and rich country’s heritage. The ABA logo is executed in the national flag of America color palette and pattern and features a coat of arms shape, which reflects its professionalism and seriousness.

The coat of arms is composed of two parts — the circle on its top and the smooth shape with the pointed bottom part and the wordmark on it.

The circle with a blue outline contains the Association monogram, ABA, which repeats the contour of the rounded geometrical figure. The red lettering is executed in a custom hand-drawn typeface with bold and curved lines. It looks modern and strong. All the letters of the “ABA” are connected with each other.

The bottom part of the emblem is split into two parts: the red and white vertical stripes with three outlined in blue stars have a solid blue background underneath it.

The white “American Basketball Association” inscription is placed on a blue background and executed in a clean and neat sans-serif typeface. It is written in all-caps and built on three levels, with the “American” in bigger letters. Bright and patriotic.