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The American Athletic Conference was established in 1979. As of 2019, the conference has 12 member universities and six associate member universities. The members of the AAC play in the NCAA Division I, while the football teams play in the FBS. The majority of the AAC members are located in the Northeastern, Midwestern, and Southern regions of the US.

Meaning and history

The American Athletic Conference, often abbreviated as the AAC, was founded in 2013 following a major realignment of college athletic conferences in the United States. Its creation stemmed from the remnants of the former Big East Conference, which underwent a split due to differing focuses between football and non-football schools. This pivotal restructuring led to the emergence of the AAC as a separate entity, primarily concentrating on fostering competitive college athletics across a range of sports.

Throughout its history, the American Athletic Conference has marked significant achievements in the collegiate sports arena. It has been particularly prominent in men’s basketball, where teams like the University of Connecticut (UConn) have won national championships, showcasing the conference’s competitive caliber. Additionally, the AAC has made notable strides in football, with several of its member teams consistently ranking in national polls and participating in major bowl games. This level of performance has helped the AAC establish itself as a respected and influential force in college athletics, bridging the gap between the traditional “Power Five” conferences and the rest of the collegiate sports world.

Currently, the American Athletic Conference holds a crucial position in the NCAA structure. It is recognized as one of the “Group of Five” conferences, which also includes the Mountain West, Mid-American, Conference USA, and the Sun Belt conferences. The AAC continues to strive for excellence in both athletic performance and academic achievements of its student-athletes, working towards maintaining its status as a premier conference in the NCAA. Its ongoing efforts to enhance competitiveness and visibility in college sports underscore its commitment to being a leading force in shaping the future of collegiate athletics.

What is American Athletic Conference?
American Athletic Conference is the name of the sports association of the USA, which was established for various collegiate athletic programs. The Conference has 11 constant members among the universities of the United States and 6 associates. The AAC is best known for its football division, though has ten men’s and a dozen of women’s sport disciplines teams compete in.

2013 – 2016

The American Athletic Conference emblem designed in 2013 was composed of two parts — a stylized letter “A” in gradient blue and red, set above the two leveled inscription, with the “American” in enlarged blue gradient letters of a modern serif typeface, set between two thin red lines on a white background, and “Athletic Conference” in a simple serif font, in dark blue. The main part of the logo, its emblem, featured an ExtraBold blue body of the “A” with the red asymmetrical five-pointed star in a white outline placed on its upper part. The letters are outlined in blue and white and featured a light gray shadow.

2017 – Today

The current American Athletic Conference logo features a navy blue capital “A” in a heavy slab serif type. Instead of the white space above the horizontal bar, there is a red star with white trim.