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This league exists only since the fall of 2005. It was created to fulfill the gap between the Major and Minor Baseball Leagues, although it has no connection to them. Although it started with two leagues(Northern and Central) joining forces, over the years, more and more clubs joined the league, although a few have left. As of 2022, there were 12 teams in the league. It provides opportunities for baseball players to play baseball even if they were injured, but desire to continue their career, or were not able to get into MLB right away.

Meaning and history

Formed over a century ago in 1902, the first American Association became one of the independent minor leagues. Within a year, it joined the National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues. For about fifty years, it has played a great role in baseball history and had many amazing players represent the league, including Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams, and Willie Mays. It was closed in 1963 but revived in 1969. It was dropped again in 1997 and was brought to life once more only in 2005. Currently, the league has 12 teams and plays about 100 games each season.

2006 – 2020

The logo of the association delves on traditional baseball logo themes: a baseball and a color scheme including red, blue, and white.

Legibility is definitely a problem for the American Association of Independent Professional Baseball logo. While at larger sizes, the lettering may look just right, at smaller sizes you probably won’t be able to decipher anything but “American.” All the rest is either too small or too “scripty.” That said, the script is highly distinctive and definitely helps to make the emblem more recognizable.

2021 – Today

The updated logo version is more geometric and has a daring, modern appearance. It was created by Baseballism, the new partner of the league. The main color was red, with white, dark blue, and gray taking a secondary, but nonetheless important position. Instead of a baseball ball, which was not very unique, they used the layout of the baseball field as the base. Across the top, it stated “American Association” in white, large, sans-serif letters. The remaining name, which omitted the “Independent” was placed on the right and left of a star at the very bottom. A light gray and white star was placed partially on the diamond shape at the bottom and partially going beyond the field. It was surely meant to represent the excelling tams and the amazing future that awaits them. They played their first game as a Major League Baseball Partner League with this emblem.

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