Alpha Industries Logo

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One of rather well-known US clothing manufacturers, Alpha Industries is headquartered Chantilly, Virginia. It specializes in military style and fashion apparel.

Meaning and history

While Alpha Industries was established in 1959, the company’s roots can be traced back to a whole family of companies that worked in the 1940s. Originally, Alpha Industries worked by government contract making outerwear clothing exclusively for the US Military.

During this period, they did not have a distinctive logo. The labels on the jackets featured a single solid bar below the size.


When the company started manufacturing commercial jackets in 1970, the three-line bar was introduced. While the clothing made for the Military featured a single bar, products sold commercially featured the three-line bar. None of them were a real Alpha Industries logo, though.


When the number of items produced for the consumer market grew dramatically, the company introduced several logos featuring the three lines. One of them showcased the lettering “ALPHA” in red over the three lines in white. The writing “Industries” in smaller white letters could be seen below.


Eventually, Alpha switched to the emblem featuring the letter “A” placed over the legendary three-line bar. Due to a couple of modifications, the “A” seamlessly merged with the bars on Alpha Industries logo. One of the reasons for choosing this simple design was to adapt to the internationalization of sales.