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Allspring is a large American investment company, which was created in the middle of the 1990s as a part of the Wells Fargo corporation, and became an independent entity in 2021.

Meaning and history

Originally, the company, now called Allspring, was founded in 1995 as the investment arm of Wells Fargo Bank. Wells Fargo is one of the largest U.S. bank holding companies, which has been operating since 1852. The bank provides financial and insurance services in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. It works both with individuals and small businesses, as well as with large businesses, providing banking, insurance services, online banking, and other financial products. It is one of the world’s largest banks by market capitalization.

In 2020 Wells Fargo AM announced a transition in its business model. The entity has changed its brand and leadership, the renewed company was introduced in 2021 under the new name of Allspring Global Investments. Since that time, the company started operating as an entity, independent of Wells Fargo Bank. This transition came a few months after the company was purchased by venture capital entities GTCR LLC and Reverence Capital Partners.

GTCR and Reverence Capital are two venture capital firms with prior experience in the asset management world. Both have a track record of growing long-term asset and wealth management businesses.

As part of this transition, the entity has renewed its management positions. As they explain in the release, the name Allspring Global Investments reflects the newly independent firm’s rich history of investment leadership and its commitment to renewal, growth, and meaningful client outcomes.

What is Allspring?
Allspring is one of the largest and most reputable international investment companies, which was established in 1995 and was formerly known as Wells Fargo Asset Management. Today the company operates worldwide and has headquarters in North Carolina, USA.

In terms of visual identity, Allspring had its logo redesigned just once, when the company was acquired by GTCR and Reverence Capital Partners, in 2021, and its name was changed from Wells Fargo Asset Management to Allspring Global Investment.

1995 – 2021

The original logo of the Wells Fargo Asset Management entity was introduced in 1995 and stayed unchanged till the rebranding of the company in 2021. It was a very simple and strict badge, composed of a solid golden square set on the left from a silver horizontally-oriented rectangle. Both figures contained two-leveled white lettering in the uppercase of a classy serif typeface. The “Wells Fargo” was written on gold, while the “Asset Management” — on silver.

2021 – Today

After the company’s complete rebranding of 2021, Wells Fargo Asset Management was renamed Allspring Global Investment, and the logo was fully redesigned. The new badge of the new entity is set in a purple and white color palette, with the modest title case inscription set on the right from an abstract geometric emblem. The new badge was created by the famous Wolff Olins bureau, which adopted an image with two stylized white peaks, drawn one above another on a solid purple square. This emblem is thought to represent the rebirth and growth h on the company, but it also has several additional meanings.

The square is a sight of stability, while the white arched elements, forming the peaks reflect the investment segment of the company, while the four segments, made up of the white elements, stand for four directions of the Allspring activity.

Font and color

The titlecase lettering from the primary logo of Allspring is set in a modern yet elegant sans-serif typeface, which looks very close to such fonts as Blacker Sans Pro Text Regular, or Tabac Glam G4 Medium, with some visible modifications of the characters’ contours.

As for the color palette of the Allspring visual identity, it is based on a combination of neon purple and white, where white is a symbol of transparency, loyalty, and trustworthiness, and purple stands for wisdom, experience, and financial prosperity, which the company tends to give to its customers.