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Allied Universal is the leader in the American security systems market. the company, established in 2016, has shown an incredible speed of growth, which led to its current position on the global market, and more than 800 thousand employees across the world.

Meaning and history

Allied Universal is the most reputable security company in the Americas. The PMC has its headquarters on both sides of the United States — in Pennsylvania, and California, moreover, since 2021 Allied Universal owns GS4, which is one of the largest private military companies in the world, based in the United Kingdom.
Even though officially Allied Universal was founded in 2016, its history dates back to the 1950s, when the predecessor of the company, Allied Security was established. The second company, which gave birth to Allied Universal, Universal Protection Services, was created in 1965.
In 2004 Allied Security changed its name to AlliedBarton after it acquired Malden Security Systems, which turned AlliedBarton into the largest company in its segment. In 2016 PMC merged with Universal Protection Services, forming Allied Universal.

What is Allied Universal?
Allied Universal is the name of an American private military company, which was officially established in 2016 through a merger of two security companies. Today Allied Universal is one of the world’s leaders in its segment, serving North and South America regions, as well as the United Kingdom.

In terms of visual identity, Allied Universal looks quite simple yet stable. The badge is set in a blue color palette, which is always associated with reliability and trustworthiness, two magic qualities for any company in its segment.

2016 – Today

The Allied Universal logo was created in 2016 and is composed of a narrowed uppercase lettering in a bold sans-serif typeface; with the “Allied” set in a lighter shade of blue, than the “Universal”. The lettering is underlined by a thin silver stroke, which has its left part elongated and curved, overlapping the first four characters of the inscription and making up a horizontal bar of the “A”. On the right, the underline is accompanied by a small gray motto “There For You” in a slanted sans-serif font.

Font and color

The bold geometric lettering from the Allied Universal primary logo is set in a modern sans-serif typeface, where characters feature distinctive contours and straight cuts of the bars. The closest fonts to the one, used in this insignia, are, probably, The Bystander Collection Sans Medium, or Alternate Gothic Cond ATF Bold.
As for the color palette of the Allied Universal visual identity, it is based on the combination of two shades of blue and gradient sliverish-gray. These theee shades make up a fresh and calm image, which evokes a sense of reliability, security and professionalism.