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Allen Edmonds is a brand of American footwear manufacturer, which was founded in 1922 and today has almost 100 retail stores across the country. The company has its production facilities in the USA and Italy and is considered to be a high-end fashion brand.

Meaning and history

Old Logo

New Logo

The Allen Edmonds visual identity didn’t have many changes throughout the brand’s history, yet the last redesign of 2018 brought a new corporate image and removed the famous timeless logo with a shield emblem.

The current Allen Edmonds logo is completely text-based. The modern custom serif typeface of the lettering boasts bold lines and thin white spaces in the letters, making them open and creating a lightweight and contemporary feeling.

The black and white color palette of the Allen Edmonds logo is elegant and timeless and has always been the main brand’s combination. However, with the new typeface, the monochrome palette looks more stylish and strong, than it was with the previous version of the logo.

The most famous Allen Edmonds logo was composed of an elegant smooth wordmark with an emblem above it. The shield-like emblem comprises a 1922 lettering, showing the date of the brand’s establishment and a hammer, placed diagonally. There was something strong and sophisticated in that logo, but the current one has a unique personality and is instantly recognizable.