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All Time Low is a US-based rock band, which consists of four members (as of 2020): Alex Gaskarth, Jack Barakat, Zack Merrick, and Rian Dawson.

Meaning and history

The band was formed in 2003 as a high school band.

Skull emblem (2009)

This has probably been the best-known All Time Low logo so far (or at least the longest-lasting one). It made a debut on the cover of the Nothing Personal album in 2011.

The skull reappeared on the following two albums: Dirty Work (2011) and Don’t Panic (2012). Yet, it isn’t this that makes the skull and crossbones logo famous but the fact that each member of the band is wearing it as a tattoo. The fact they have inked this emblem adds a lot of weight to it.

The skull emblem hasn’t been the last one, though.

Heart emblem (2015)

The cover of the Future Hearts album (2015) showcases an emblem looking by far more peaceful, which perfectly fits the name of the album. You can see a heart housing a large eye. The eye is open, with a prominent pupil. Perhaps, this can be interpreted as a symbol of a love that is not blind – it fully understands the person who is loved.

The type used for the wordmark has also been updated to fit the changed style of the emblem. Gone is the pirate style casualness – the glyphs are now smoother and lighter. However, the letters have preserved the arch of their predecessor (although in a slightly modified style).

Sun emblem (2020)

In January 2020, the band uploaded three videos hinting they’re saying goodbye to their past and starting a new era. The videos were released with an interval of around a week, the third one being the most informative about what this new era was going to be like.

At the beginning of the video, you could see the skull and crossbones logo. It was followed by the 2015 Future Hearts logo, which, in its turn, was followed by a new emblem. There was a stylized sun made up of a simple circle with multiple short sunrays. The rays of two lengths formed a distinctive pattern.

Inside the circle, there was an eye looking pretty much like that from the previous logo. This approach appeared wise – it meant that, although the band introduced a new style, it also did not lose all those nice things their fans had loved them for.

When the Wake Up, Sunshine album was released shortly afterward, you could see the new All Time Low logo on its cover.