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All Money In was the first record label of the famous American rapper Nipsey Hussle, who started his career at the beginning of the 2000s and was shot in 2019. The label was opened after the musician left Epic.

Meaning and history

Ermias Joseph Asghedom, aka Nipsey Hussle, was an American rapper. He became famous for such compositions as Bullets Ain’t Got No Name series, The Marathon, The Marathon Continues, and Crenshaw. It was The Marathon that was the singer’s first single recorded on his personal music label All Money In, which the rapper launched in 2010.

The career of the musician began in 2005 with the release of his first mixtape. It was then that the artist was noticed by the then-successful Epic label, where Nipsey Hussle remained until 2010. After Epic ran into financial difficulties, the rapper left the label and founded his own, All Money In, where he remained until he died in 2019.

2011 — 2015 years were the times of the highest fame and success for the musician. Nipsey was even placed on the cover of XXL Magazine’s Annual Freshman, which was a real honor.

What is All Money In?
All Money In is the name of an American record label, established in 2010 by the famous rap musician Nipsey Hussle. It was the first independent rapper’s brand after he left the Epic label because of financial difficulties. In 2019 the musician was murdered.

In terms of visual identity, All Money In has always been loyal to its original badge, designed for the label in 2010, by the time of its establishment. The badge, set in a minimalistic monochromatic palette looks very powerful and energetic, reflecting the music genre of the All Money In founder, Nipsey Hussle.

2010 – Today

The All Money In logo, designed for the brand in 2010, looked very simple in its concept but yet was bold and brutal, which was more than just an appropriate visual representation of the label founder’s style and musical manner. The logo was composed of a solid black roundel in a medium-weight white outline, with the three white symbols written inside it vertically. The central element depicted a square letter “S”, which made the whole logo resemble a dollar sign (and the idea of the company’s naming).

The geometric “S” is accompanied by the distinctive square “A” above it and a solid white square under it. All elements of the badge have straight clean contours and angles.

Font and color

The custom designer lettering from the All Money In label logo is set in a geometric sans-serif typeface with square shapes of the characters, straight cuts, and right angles. As it is a decorative font, there are not many commercial analogs for it, but it is somewhat close to Prosty Wide Black.

As for the color palette of the All Money In visual identity, it is based on the black-and-white timeless combination which is also a representation of strength, masculinity, and confidence.