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The athletic teams representing Alcorn State University in Lorman, Mississippi, use a logo based on a capital “A” in purple and gold.

Meaning and history

The Albany Great Danes, not a company but a collegiate sports program, were founded as part of the University at Albany, SUNY. This program represents the athletic interests of the university in various sports competitions. The Great Danes program has been a part of the University at Albany since its inception, with a history that spans several decades. Over the years, the Albany Great Danes have achieved notable success in a variety of sports, particularly in basketball, lacrosse, and soccer.

One of the main achievements of the Albany Great Danes has been their consistent performance in the America East Conference, where they have claimed numerous championships, especially in women’s basketball and men’s lacrosse. The men’s basketball team has also made multiple appearances in the NCAA Division I Tournament, marking significant milestones in the program’s history. Additionally, the women’s field hockey team has gained recognition for their competitive spirit and achievements in regional and national tournaments.

Currently, the Albany Great Danes continue to uphold their legacy of athletic excellence. They remain a significant presence in collegiate sports, with their athletes frequently earning accolades and their teams vying for top positions in various intercollegiate competitions. The program’s dedication to sportsmanship, competitiveness, and academic integrity continues to make them a respected entity in the world of college sports.

What is Albany Great Danes?
The Albany Great Danes is a collegiate sports program representing the University at Albany, SUNY in intercollegiate athletics. It encompasses various sports teams competing primarily in the NCAA Division I, particularly in the America East Conference. The program is known for its competitive teams in basketball, lacrosse, soccer, and other sports, consistently striving for excellence in the collegiate sports arena.

1996 – 2003

The old Alcorn State Braves logo, which was introduced in 1996, already featured the “A,” which can be also seen on the current emblem. The shade of purple was a bit lighter and brighter than the current one, and the letter was thinner.

2004 – 2016

The 2004 logo already had a bolder “A.” The word “Alcorn,” which replaced the middle bar, grew bolder and larger, too.

2017 – Today

Eventually, in 2017, the shades of purple and gold were slightly altered, as was the type featured on the word “Alcorn.”

Alcorn State Braves football

The team, which was established in 1921, competes in NCAA Division I Football Championship Subdivision and belongs to the Southwestern Athletic Conference. It has appeared in the I-AA/FCS playoffs three times.

Alcorn State Braves basketball

The Alcorn State Braves and Lady Braves compete in the Southwestern Athletic Conference. They play their home games at Davey Whitney Complex.


According to the Alcorn State University Identity Standards and Editorial Stylebook (2016), the following shades should be used on the Alcorn State Braves logo:

  • gold: hex: #e9a713, PMS: 131 C
  • purple: hex: #46166a, PMS: 269 C.

Alcorn State Braves Colors

RGB: (206, 142, 0)
CMYK: (3, 36, 100, 6)

RGB: (75, 48, 106)
CMYK: (80, 95, 0, 35)