AirTran Airways Logo

AirTran Airways Logo PNG

AirTran was a minor American airline. They operated on a low-cost basis and flew largely between various cities in the United States. Their main hub was in Florida, which means that many flights were in close proximity to the Southeastern region. For instance, Georgia was one of the most popular destinations they provided.

Meaning and History

The company was created in 1993, and it originally went by Conquest Sun Airlines. A year later, it was purchase by a holding company called AirTran, which prompted the name change. In 2014, the airline was obtained by Southwest Airlines, which then completely absorbed the former, and the brand ceased to exist.

1994 – 2014

As an emblem of sorts, they used a blue plane flying up in the sky and leaving a red trail behind. To the right of this composition, they place the company’s name. The lettering ‘Air’ is presented in a handwriting-inspired lowercase script (although the first letter is slightly larger than the other two). The part ‘Tran’ features a serif type without any real quirks. Both were colored pale blue. The dot about ‘I’ in the first part was, however, colored red, which was meant to symbolize the sun.