Aerie Logo PNG

Aerie is a brand known for its comfortable and stylish women’s clothing and intimates. It offers a range of products including bras, undies, leggings, and more, catering to the diverse needs of women. Aerie is recognized for its inclusive sizing and a commitment to body positivity, often highlighted by their “AerieREAL” campaign which advocates for no retouching of photos. The brand is a subsidiary of American Eagle Outfitters, created to provide empowering and comfortable fashion choices for women.

Meaning and history

Aerie, launched in 2006 by American Eagle Outfitters, is a lingerie and lifestyle retailer. Initially a sub-brand, Aerie began with lingerie and expanded to include various apparel like activewear and loungewear. It gained popularity for its body-positive “Aerie Real” campaign in 2014, promoting unretouched photos and diverse models. This approach significantly impacted the industry, fostering a positive self-image among women. Aerie also supports the National Eating Disorders Association, emphasizing its commitment to real beauty and mental health.

What is Aerie?
Aerie is a lifestyle brand known for its inclusive and body-positive approach in women’s apparel. Launched by American Eagle Outfitters in 2006, Aerie primarily focuses on lingerie, loungewear, and activewear, and is celebrated for its “Aerie Real” campaign, promoting unretouched images and diverse representation in its marketing.

2006 – 2012

The Aerie logo features a stylized, ascending bird in flight, cast in a soft shade of blue, symbolizing freedom and grace. Below it, “aerie” is written in lowercase with a gentle, flowing font, conveying ease and approachability. The phrase “by American Eagle” anchors the design, denoting the brand’s heritage and quality. This emblem encapsulates Aerie’s ethos of lightness and empowerment in a simple yet evocative design.

2012 – Today

The updated Aerie logo focuses purely on the brand’s name, with the bird and “by American Eagle” text removed, simplifying the design. The word ‘aerie’ is now in bold, fluid black script, giving it a modern, confident presence. This minimalist approach reflects a trend towards sleek branding, emphasizing a chic and contemporary image. The logo’s evolution signifies Aerie’s growth in identity, focusing on the strength of its name and the quality it represents.