The AEM logo exists in several variations used for different purposes and in varying visual contexts (the AEM member logo, a horizontal and a stacked version). The emblem is pretty abstract and can be interpreted in various ways, although the power seems the most obvious association.

Meaning and history

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers is a trade association representing off-road equipment manufacturers and suppliers. The organization is located in North American. It includes over a thousand companies.

What is AEM? 
AEM is an abbreviation, standing for the Association of Equipment Manufacturers, an organization, which was established in Wisconsin, the United States, and is composed of more than a thousand companies, engaged in the production of agricultural machinery.

Before 2019

The abbreviation “AEM” in blue featured a somewhat similar type, although it was a little bolder and had an asymmetrical “M.” The wordmark was placed over the white ellipse with both its longer sides cut. The ellipse, in its turn, was placed inside a red rectangle.

You can also come across a version where both the lettering and the rectangle are gold. The full name of the organization was placed to the right in small letters.

2019 – now

In early 2019, the company introduced a new logo. In comparison with its predecessor, it has a slightly cleaner structure.

The design is dominated by the abbreviation “AEM” in a minimalist sans and an abstract emblem based on a square shape. Below, there is the full name of the organization. Here, only the initials are capitalized. In comparison with the previous versions of the AEM logo, the glyphs are larger and better legible. Also, they better merge with the rest of the design.


The palette features the shade of red that is neither dull nor overwhelmingly bright. It is softened by unpretentious gray. The background is white.