ACDelco Logo PNG

The ACDelco logo is dynamic and distinctive due to the choice of typeface and a couple of original strokes added by the designers.

Meaning and history

ACDelco was made up out of two brands: AC and Delco. Each had a logo or logos of its own before they were merged.

The roots of the AC brand go back to 1916 when William C. Durant formed an automotive component and accessory holding company and named it United Motors Corporation. In 1918, it was sold to General Motors. In 1960, the division was renamed United Delco.

The second part of ACDelco is the AC Spark Plug Division, which was established in 1905 or 1906 under the name of Champion Spark Plug Company.

The two divisions merged in 1974 adopting the name AC-Delco. The packaging of that era still featured the “AC” bullseye and the blue and red ring of the Delco logo.

It was only in 1995 that the hyphen was dropped and the brand adopted a single logo.

The current ACDelco logo features the name of the brand in a bold sans. While the glyphs generally have regular proportions, the white triangles on the “A” and “D” create a distinctive, unique touch. The letters are italicized, which adds some motion. The red stroke below the wordmark only reinforces the dynamic feel.