Abbott Logo PNG

Abbott is a pharmaceutical corporation, which was established in 1888 in the United States. The company operates in medical devices and healthcare industry segments, along with producing various nutritional products under the famous labels, such as Similac and Glucerna.

What is the symbol of Abbott Laboratories?
The symbol of Abbott Laboratories is a stylized one-line lowercase letter “A” with an open contour. Drawn like a swirl, in a line with straight cuts of the ends, the Abbott “A” looks super stable and progressive, evoking a sense of confidence and reliability. The symbol has been in use by the company since the beginning of the 1960s but gained its iconic blue color only in 2006.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of one of the world’s leaders in the pharmaceutical industry looks strong and professional. Its logo, composed of a wordmark and an emblem was redesigned three times but is still based on the version, created in 1961.

What is Abbott?
Abbott is an American company, engaged in the production of medicines and medical devices. The company was established in 1888 and today has its medicines, nutritional products, and devices available all over the globe. Abbott also has a subsidiary in India.

1888 — 1961

The very first Abbott logo was designed in 1888 and stayed with the company for more than 70 years, which is really impressive. The logo was composed of a black octagon with a strict white outline and a white wordmark in the middle.

The lettering was executed in an elegant script font, with smooth rounded letters, evoking a friendly and welcoming feeling.

The monochrome palette added professionalism and authority to the overall picture, showing the company and stable and confident.

1961 — 1986

The redesign of 1961 brought a completely new look to the corporate visual identity. The stylized letter “A” in the lowercase, formed by a single curved line, resembling a swirl, but with more square shape, was the only element of the company’s logo for 25 years. It was still executed in black and placed on a white background, which only elevated the whole image and made it more modern and stylish.

1986 — 2006

The “Abbott Laboratories” wordmark was added under the emblem in 1986. It was a modest black inscription that is a clean and neat sans-serif typeface, which is very similar to Europa Grotesk and Hypersans SemiBold fonts, representing the fundamental and successful company.

2006 — Today

Several significant changes were made to the logo in 2006. First of all, the emblem got a new color — now it is light blue, a color of hope, reliability, and loyalty. The new color palette made the logo fresher and younger, now it evokes a sense of dynamics and energy.

The second thing that was changed is a wordmark. Now it consists of only “Abbott” lettering, the “Laboratories” part was removed. The typeface was also changed, but the color remained the same.

The Abbott logo is unusual and memorable, it perfectly represents the strong character of the leading pharmaceutical corporation, showing the importance of innovations and development, along with the value of its clients and their wellbeing.


The new wordmark is executed in a bold and elegant serif typeface, which is similar to Clarendon, which is a slab-serif font, designed in the middle of the 19th century by Robert Basley. In 1935 it was modified and refined by Monotype foundry, in order to give it a more modern and confident look.

The inscription in a traditional sleek serif font perfectly balanced the contemporary emblem, harmonizing the whole logo and making it recognizable.