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21st Century Insurance is a brand of Farmers Insurance Group, which specializes in vehicle insurance services. The firm was established in 1958 in Los Angeles and serves customers all over the United States through its numerous operating offices nationwide.

Meaning and history

The company’s visual identity looks traditional and solid. The logo, composed of a wordmark with an emblem on its left, is executed in a classic red, black and white color palette, which got stuck to the brand in the 1950s and has never left the firm’s logo.

1958 – 2003

The original logo of the insurer was designed in 1958 and featured a bold black wordmark in a sans-serif typeface on the right of the elegant architectural emblem.

The wordmark was placed in two levels, which made the whole logo look lighter and more balanced, as the lines of the letters were really thick.

The very first emblem of the company was composed of a white classical pillar placed on a red square with its sides arched from the center. It was a reflection of elegance, value of the company’s heritage and traditions.

2003 – 2009

The redesign of 2003 touched only the wordmark. The color was changed to a dark gray and the typeface — to a more modern one. Now the nameplate was executed in a Myriad Pro Bold, which is a humanist font, designed in 1992 by Robert Slimbach and Carol Twombly. Its is an elegant yet modern typeface with rounded and sleek shapes and distinct cuts and angles.

The emblem remained untouched, only the color scheme gained a lighter tone, which made the whole logo lighter and fresher. This version stayed with the company for six years.

2009 – Today

The current company’s visual identity is completely different from the previous ones. It is composed of a black wordmark with a new modern emblem on its left part.

The red emblem is composed of two curved lines, which are placed around the “21st” part of the inscription and resemble a swirl, symbolizing progress and dynamics. The red and plank color palette of the logo reflects passion and power of the company, evoking a warm and friendly sense.


The wordmark is still executed in a sans-serif typeface, which is Myriad Pro SemiExtended SemiBold, but now it is more balanced and harmonized, having enough space between the letters.

The “Insurance” part is placed on the lower level and has the dot above the letter “I” removed, which makes the inscription look cleaner and fresher.


The American company, which has more than 2 million policyholders nationwide, was established in the 1950s and keeps being one of the most popular organizations in its segment mainly due to its direct-to-customer politics, which allows to reduce prices, because of no middle-man in the chain.

The famous company offers a wide range of automotive insurance plans. The company also has various solutions in term of life insurance and personal property services through its sister organization — Farmers Group, which is considered to be one of the largest insurance companies in the United States.

The company operates across the country, having its offices in 49 states of America and in Washington DC.