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123Sport is the name of a website that streams live football matches from different leagues. Founded in the USA, today the platform is one of the most famous online destinations for football fans from all over the globe. The website operates on a free basis.

Meaning and history

123Sport is an American website, which streams both American and European football matches from different leagues. The platform is very easy to use, and the visitors do not have to be registered to watch the games online. There are also no fees or subscriptions, as the website earns from advertising, which makes it free to use for visitors.

What is 123Sport?

123Sport is the name of a football streaming service, where you can watch all the live matches with no registration and for free. The service streams Football games from different leagues and is available to watch from all the corners of the world.

In terms of visual identity, the 123Sport website stands out in the list of its competitors, using a cool emblem, which reflects the purpose of the website, and shows its progressiveness and professionalism.

2018 – 2020

The early logo of 123Sport was very bright yet was lacking style and looked slightly amateurish. It was a massive graffiti-like logotype in orange and dark blue, where orange was used for the numbers, and blue for the “Sport” part of the inscription. The first half of the wordmark featured blue shadow, and the second one — an orange one. No additional graphics was used during that period.

2020 –  Today

After the redesign, the style and concept of the 123Sport logo were completely changed. Now it is a slightly slanted inscription in gradient orange, with the “123Sport” capitalized and enlarged compared to the “tv” in small capitals. On the left from the logotype there is a modern and cool emblem, depicting an outlined circular medallion with a soccer ball fragment on its top part, and the basketball — on the bottom. This simple and minimalist badge brilliantly reflects the essence and purpose of the platform and makes it stand out on the list of competitors.