Image сonverter WEBP to PNG

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WEBP (WebP Image)

WebP is a format from Google created specifically for web graphics. Images on website pages must load quickly, otherwise, users will leave the site. WebP just helps to reduce the weightof images, but still, maintains their high quality. The benefits of WebP are, first of all, Internet optimization, and support for transparency and animation. The WebP files have a high quality compared to PNG and JPEG and are compatible with almost all browsers. The disadvantage of WebP is that only PNG and JPEG images are suitable for conversion.

PNG (Portable Network Graphic)

The PNG format was created to both enhance and replace the GIF format with a graphic format that does not require a license to use. Unlike GIF, PNG has alpha channel support and the ability to store an unlimited number of colors. PNG compresses data without losses, making it very useful for storing intermediate versions of image processing. Portable Network Graphics is a convenient format to place the file in an electronic document if it does not need to be printed later. PNG is completely unsuitable for printing, hence you have to convert it to print.