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PDF (Portable Document Format)

PDF is a convenient format for publishing pages and information on the Internet. With the help of PDF documents it is convenient to distribute files intended for printing, reading from the monitor screen. PDF makes it very convenient to distribute advertising texts, e-books, statistical data, technical and reference documentation. PDF is quite universal and can even be read on cellular phones that support Java applications. PDF is one of the most universal formats that can be easily converted into other graphical formats.

JPG (JPEG Image)

This is the most common format of image files. JPG deserves its popularity because of its flexible data compression capabilities. If necessary, the image can be saved with maximum quality. Or it can be compressed to the minimum file size for transmission over the network or converted into any other format. JPG uses a lossy compression algorithm that greatly simplifies data transfer. In practice, saving a photograph with minimal compression does not cause any visible deterioration in image quality. That's why JPG is the most common and popular format for storing graphic files.