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While the logo of the YouPorn website hasn’t been modified frequently, it seems to fit the current society’s perception of beauty.

Meaning and history

YouPorn Logo history

One of the world’s 100 most accessed websites, YouPorn started working in the summer of 2006, while the domain name was registered in late 2005. In the fall of 2007, YouPorn was already named the largest free pornographic website. The project is sometimes criticized for its inability to verify the age of the actors and also because copyrighted videos can be uploaded there.

2007 – 2018

old logo YouPorn

The old YouPorn logo was just a simple wordmark without any icon. It featured the name of the project in an inviting, playful typeface. Its curvy and even puffy letters had something sexy about them. You could also notice two tiny pink stars inside the “O’s” and two tiny white hearts inside the “P” and the “R.” Some of the letters were taken from the uppercase alphabet, while the others belonged to the lowercase alphabet. However, in spite of this, all the letters were of the same height.

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The first three letters were given in pink, while the second part of the word was dark grey. The background was white.

2018 – Today

YouPorn Logo

While the name of the website has remained the same, it is now given in a completely different style. In comparison with the playful and friendly original logo, the new one may even seem austere. Although the word itself hardly fits the context of a porn site, it perfectly describes the modifications made to the emblem.

To begin with, the curvy and plump type was replaced by a rather generic sans serif font. The letters are now much thinner and angular, which may in some way be a reflection of the changing beauty standards. Instead of the two small stars and two little hearts of the original emblem, the updated version includes a single heart. Moreover, it now serves a practical purpose – stands for the “O,” while the small pictures on the old logo were used mostly for the decorative purpose.

The only link with the previous design, apart from the name of the project, is the color scheme. The version of the logo that is showcased on the website itself combines white and pink letters on the dark grey background.

Emblem with Howard Stern

Emblem YouPorn

In early 2017, a version of the YouPorn logo with Howard Stern cartoon image appeared on the front page of the website. A famous American radio and television personality, Howard Stern had mentioned YouPorn quite a few times, so many people suggested this was nothing but stealth advertising. So, when eventually the logo with Stern’s image appeared, this seemed to be the ultimate evidence there had been a deal between the two parties.



The type on the current insignia is pretty minimalistic – there’re neither serifs nor additional curves. It’s perfectly legible, too. The word “you” is bolder than the second part of the wordmark. On the whole, the typeface seems rather minimalistic and practical.


Both the old and the updated YouPorn logos are based on the same color scheme: the combination of pink, grey, and white. Pink creates the atmosphere of playfulness, while grey serves as a soft background.